Nintendo Switch 2 Magnetic Joy-Cons May Not Be Backward Compatible: Rumor

Nintendo Switch in the hands of a kid
In Short
  • Spanish publication Vandal claims that Switch 2 will be bigger than its predecessor but will not be as huge as the Steam Deck.
  • It will also come with magnetic Joy-Cons that might not be backward compatible.
  • Although the old Joy-Cons will not support the upcoming system, the Pro Controller will be compatible with the upcoming console.

Nintendo Switch 2 rumors have been popping up online for years now. However, this time, they are from a source that accurately reported some of the features of Switch OLED in 2021. The Spanish publication Vandal claims to have new information about Nintendo’s upcoming handheld. The details reportedly come from accessory makers who could handle a prototype unit with its design hidden to determine its size and shape.

According to Vandal’s report, Switch 2 will be bigger than its predecessor but not as huge as the Steam Deck. The console’s design will also change due to the introduction of the new Joy-Con controllers. According to the reports, the new controllers will attach to the console using a magnetic system.

However, this also means the current rail system on the console will not be added to the new design. This further speculates that the old Joy-Con controllers might not be compatible with the new magnetic system. The report also claims that the current Pro Controller will be compatible with Switch 2.

Nintendo Switch 2 Expected Release Date

Although there are many conflicting reports on the Nintendo Switch 2 release date, this report sheds light on it, too. According to the report, the next-gen console for Nintendo Switch will be released in early 2025. This may align with the early reports of the Nintendo Switch 2 release being delayed.

With so many rumors floating around the internet, it is better to take all this new information with a grain of salt. Nintendo has yet to say anything officially about Switch 2. However, early reports suggest that the console will be released in March 2025.

So, does the new information about the size and Joy-Con controllers for Nintendo Switch 2 excite you? When do you think Nintendo will announce its next-gen console? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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