Nintendo Wins Switch Emulator Lawsuit; Yuzu to Shut down and Pay $2.4M

Nintendo Sues the developers of Yuzu
Image Courtesy: Nintendo
In Short
  • Tropic Haze, the developers of Yuzu and Citra, have settled a lawsuit with Nintendo for $2.4M.
  • The company has permanently stopped support for both Yuzu and Citra emulators immediately.
  • The developers of Yuzu claim that they unintentionally gave rise to piracy, which wasn't their intention with the emulator.

Last week, we got wind of Nintendo suing Yuzu. That news surprised us since even though the company is lawsuit-happy, it doesn’t sue Nintendo Switch emulators that often. However, a week after that news, the Nintendo vs Yuzu lawsuit ended unsurprisingly.

As per the latest court documents, Tropic Haze, the developers of Yuzu, and Nintendo have agreed to a settlement. This means the developers of Yuzu owe Nintendo $2.4 million. Furthermore, Yuzu will surrender its domain ownership to Nintendo and delete all copies and materials that infringe on Nintendo’s IP rights.

Furthermore, Tropic Haze has permanently stopped the support of the Yuzu and its 3DS emulator called Citra immediately. The official Yuzu X account (formerly Twitter) posted a statement. In it, they confirmed stopping the development of the emulators immediately and that they believe their software has given rise to unintentional piracy.

Both parties have already filed for a final injunction on Monday. However, the settlement now requires a judge’s approval, which is promptly pending.

For the uninitiated, Yuzu was a Nintendo Switch emulator that could run practically any Nintendo Switch game on PC, with needed enhancements. All one required was legally sourced prod.keys and game ROM files (which most people don’t source legally).

As per the Nintendo lawsuit, the company accused Topic Haze of circumventing their platform security on the Switch hardware for emulation, citing how it promoted piracy, taking the Tears of the Kingdom leaks as an example.

We have to wait and see whether Yuzu and Citra will cease existing on the internet. It does bring closure to one of the potentially most significant lawsuits against an emulator in a long time. Furthermore, since emulators like Ryujinx still exist, it will be interesting to see whether those also stop their Switch emulation support.

What do you think about Yuzu going away? Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

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