Netflix StreamFest (5th & 6th Dec): How to Get Free Access and What to Binge Watch?

Netflix will be free for everyone in India for 48 hours this weekend. This is a first-of-its-kind event dubbed the Netflix StreamFest. Netflix is offering Indian non-subscribers a chance to take a gander around the streaming service for two days, 5th and 6th December, at absolutely no cost. This means you can watch anything, be it a movie, TV show, Netflix original, documentary, and more, without even entering your card details. Now, if that sounds exciting to you, let me tell you how to access Netflix for free and what all you can binge-watch over the next two days.

How to Access Netflix for Free?

The StreamFest kicks off tonight at 12:00 AM in India and will continue until 11:59 PM on 6th December. If you are interested in watching Netflix for free, follow these steps:

1. Visit the official Netflix StreamFest website or download the Netflix Android app (Free) to register for the event. You cannot register using the iOS app.

stream netflix for free in india

2. Sign up using your name, e-mail address, phone number, and create a password.

Note: We cannot stress this enough but Netflix will not ask for your credit/ debit card details during this event. It is the beauty of this limited-time event.

3. Once you have created an account, you will be able to access the entire Netflix catalog for free for 48 hours.

What to Binge Watch in Netflix StreamFest?

Now that you know how to access Netflix for free for two whole days in India during the Netflix StreamFest, we have a few recommendations for what you can binge watch over these 48 hours. Check out the lists attached below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does Netflix StreamFest start and end?

The limited-time Netflix StreamFest will kick-off at 12:00 AM on 5th December (i.e tonight) and continue up to 11:59 PM on 6th December. All of the content will be free to watch. No restrictions.

Is Netflix StreamFest only limited to India?

Yes, Netflix is testing this first-of-its-kind event in India to give users a brief look at the catalog. It hopes to onboard new users with this activity.

What devices support free Netflix streaming?

You can register only via the Netflix website and Android app. After that, you can use any device, be it your PC, Android or iOS phone, smart TV, and more to stream content using those credentials.

What does the ‘StreamFest is at capacity’ error message mean?

Netflix wants to ensure the best experience for everyone, thus, it says that it may limit the amount of StreamFest members on the official website. You will see a ‘StreamFest is at capacity’ error message when this limit is in effect.

This does not mean you won’t get free access. Just refresh or try again in a bit to binge-watch Dark, The Queen’s Gambit, or any other movie/ TV show for that matter.

How much do I pay once the Netflix StreamFest ends?

If you enjoy the content, you can choose to get a Netflix subscription for as low as Rs. 199 per month for the mobile-only plan. It allows you to stream at 480p but only on a mobile device and not a PC or TV. You will need to spend at least Rs. 499 per month to be able to stream on any platform.

Netflix StreamFest: 48-Hour Binge Festival

So yeah, if you plan on getting a Netflix subscription, but are not sure whether you will enjoy the content or not, then this event gives you a good chance to explore the video streaming service. Do share your experience with us in the comments below.

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    What is the streaming quality during this offer period

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      up to 720p

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