Woodland Mansion in Minecraft: All You Need to Know

In Short
  • Woodland mansion is a massive structure filled with illager mobs. It houses many common rooms as well as some secret rooms.
  • You can find a woodland mansion by exploring -- using the woodland explorer map or using commands to locate it quicker.
  • Woodland mansion loot includes enchanted golden apple, vex armor trim, diamond gear, and a lot more.

Are you interested in exploring all the naturally generated structures in Minecraft? But you find yourself a little lost and have no idea where to start. Well, due to the variety of structures in different locations, it’s no wonder players need a helping hand. So, in this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the woodland mansion, one of the most unique structures in all of Minecraft.

What is a Woodland Mansion?

Woodland mansion is a massive structure in the Overworld. It consists of three floors with random pre-made rooms with their own stories, challenges, and loot. This structure is made of mostly wood, dark oak in particular for the walls and the roof and birch wood for the floor.

If there is a gap between the ground and this structure, a cobblestone foundation will be generated underneath the woodland mansion. Since the structure is intentionally fairly dark on the inside, you will find hostile mobs roaming around.

Besides the regular hostile mobs, the woodland mansion is home to two types of illagers – evokers and vindicator. They are strong hostile mobs in Minecraft portray the evil versions of villagers in the game. Vindicators are iron axe-wielding mobs who are rather dangerous in groups.


Talking about dangerous mobs, the second illager type in this structure is an evoker. It represents a spell master that can summon spikes from the ground to deal damage and evil fairy-like creatures – vexes.

Vexes have iron swords as their weapon of choice and small hitboxes, so they are quite difficult to hit. They are the only mobs in the game that can go through blocks, so boxing yourself in an area won’t save you from a vex.

Evoker and Vexes

How to Find a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft

The Woodland mansions usually generate far away from the spawn point and only in the dark oak forests. Here are a couple of ways you can find this structure.

1. Woodland Explorer Map

You can easily locate a woodland mansion, thanks to the villagers. Journeyman-level cartographer villagers sell woodland explorer maps for 14 emeralds and a compass. If you follow the map, it will lead you directly to a woodland mansion. It doesn’t have to be the closest one, though.

2. Using Commands

So, if you’re not keen on wasting a lot of time, you could also use commands to locate the woodland mansion. Press T to open the chat, type in the below command, and press Enter.

/locate structure minecraft:woodland_mansion

If the world you’re playing in has cheats disabled, you can temporarily enable them for this. Pause the game and click the “Open to LAN” button. Then, select Allow Cheats: ON and click the Start LAN World button.

List of Rooms in Minecraft’s Woodland Mansion

Every woodland mansion has a system of corridors that connects all the rooms on each floor. There are also large staircases that link the floors. The top floor is significantly smaller than the other two, but not less interesting. There are no two identical woodland mansions, but the rooms inside them have recognizable patterns.

There are two types of rooms in woodland mansions: the main rooms and the secret rooms.

Main rooms can be accessed through corridors, though sometimes they are completely blocked off due to their weird generation. The secret rooms have no entrances, so the player has to find them. Secret rooms are far more rare than the main rooms.

Furthermore, not all of the different rooms are generated in every mansion, since there are lots of them. Some rooms in a woodland mansion are regular, realistic, functional rooms, while others can be quite menacing and hostile. Here’s a list of all rooms in a woodland mansion:

Main Rooms


Since this is the illagers’ mansion, it contains a few bedrooms for accommodation. You will come across single beds, double beds, or triple bed bedrooms. The term ‘bedroom’ is used loosely here, as there is no bed but just wool and carpet blocks in these rooms.

The single bed bedrooms are safe, whereas the triple bed and double bed bedrooms are not, as they spawn vindicators inside. The bedrooms are also moderately decorated.

Master bedroom

Dining Rooms

Dining rooms in a woodland mansion can be small, medium, or large in size. They include a table made of oak planks and stairs, oak stairs as chairs, and decoration like light sources, carpets, and potted flowers.

They usually have chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. The large variant will always spawn an evoker and two vindicators.

Large dining room


Similarly to dining rooms, libraries in woodland mansions vary depending on their size. There are small, medium, and large libraries in this structure.

As you can assume, there is a different number of bookshelves in each of the variants and also a seating area. They can also be decorated with potted flowers.

Large library

Flower Rooms/Gardens

The flower room contains various potted flowers, such as alliums, blue orchids, azure bluets, and oxeye daisies. Some of these are specifically dedicated to a certain flower such as an allium room (chest contains eight alliums) or a white tulip room.

Moreover, you can also come across a nature room with an artificially grown dark oak tree from a single sapling.

White tulip room

Planning Rooms

Planning rooms are meant to show the preparation and hard work illagers have put in to develop a plan to take over the Overworld. They include an office, conference room, and a map room. Office is a room with two tables made of cobblestone, oak stairs as chairs, and the potted flowers and carpets as decoration.

The conference room is a big room with tables and some decoration. One evoker and five vindicator spawn in this room alone. The map room consists of a large table with colored carpets representing the world, bookshelves, and decoration. An evoker and two vindicators spawn in this room.

Conference room

Functional Rooms

Functional, for the illagers, rooms include storage rooms and a forge room. Storage rooms can be small or large. The small one consists of shelves, which single chests are stored on. Large storage rooms are similar, but instead of single chests, it contains double chests.

The chests are always empty in these rooms and a single vindicator spawns in each type. The forge room is made of polished andesite blocks. Also, there are two lava sources and a damaged anvil. A vindicator always spawns in there.

Large storage room

Farm Rooms

Woodland mansion farm rooms mostly include the crop farms illagers are probably using to make food. Those are wheat farm, sapling farm, mushroom farm, and dual-staged pumpkin and melon farmz. The wheat farm room has a small patch of farmland with wheat planted.

It reminds us of a villager farm, just instead of oak logs, illagers’ has dark oak logs. The sapling farm is not functional at all, as it has plenty of dark oak saplings planted and a chest with even more saplings. Who knows, maybe illagers have found a way to clone the saplings.

Mushroom farm room

The mushroom farm consists of a small dark where mushrooms can generate and multiply. There is also an empty chest in this room. Dual-staged pumpkin and melon farm is a small and compact area where pumpkins are planted at the bottom and melons on the top.

Also, this is not an automatic farm, as there are no redstone components. One vindicator spawns in this room.

Statue Rooms

The statue rooms are fairly strange rooms with a giant statue made of wool in the center. Those include a cat statue room, chicken statue room, and an illager statue room. Cat statue room contains a black cat statue, whereas the chicken statue room contains a plain chicken statue.

The illager statue room represents a giant illager, possibly an evoker, holding an object like a torch. This statue is different from the other two because it has a hidden treasure inside it. If you mine the illager’s head, you’ll find a full block of lapis lazuli, probably resembling wisdom and knowledge.

Cat statue room

Strange Illager Rooms

These rooms imply illagers’ cruelness and weirdness. They include a ritual room, jail rooms, and an arena room.

The ritual room is a rather peculiar room that’s made of mostly cobblestone with some carpets and banners as decorations. It signifies illagers have some kind of a god they respect and worship. One evoker and two vindicators spawn in this room.

Ritual room

The jail rooms are generated in two sizes – small and large. The small jail room has a cobblestone box including a cauldron and brown carpets with an iron door as an entrance. A vindicator guards this jail near a table and a chair, made of oak planks and stairs.

The large jail room is very similar, just much bigger. This is the room where you can find up to 3 allays in Minecraft. One vindicator spawns in this room. Apart from the regular jail rooms, there is also a redstone jail room in the woodland mansion.

It also contains a big cobblestone box with an iron door. You can enter this jail by activating a lever on one side of the door. A vindicator always spawns here.

The arena room contains an arena-like structure in the center with a ring of fences surrounding it. Moreover, there is a ladder leading to a loft overlooking the arena, where a loot chest is generated. This room possibly indicates that illagers find it amusing to watch and witness battles.

Random Rooms

These woodland mansion rooms have no particular theme or function. They can include mostly empty rooms with interesting decoration decisions, while others can even have easy loot chests. Random rooms are:

  • Wool room – Three piles of different-colored wool blocks.
  • Tree-chopping room – An artificial dark oak tree and a chest containing an iron axe with Efficiency enchantment.
  • Winding stairway room – Room with a long spiral staircase leading to a loot chest.
  • Illager head room – Empty room with an illager head pixel art made of wool blocks.
  • Pumpkin ring room – Ring of cobblestone blocks with rails on top and a single curved pumpkin looking towards the entrance.
  • Checkerboard room – Checkerboard carpet pattern with a loot chest above the door.
  • Birch arch room – This room has a birch arch made of birch stairs, slabs and fences, and a small desk with some decoration in one corner.
  • Gray banner room – Big altar-like construction made of cobblestone hides a loot chest behind it. One vindicator spawns here.
  • Wood arch hallway – Several arches made of dark oak logs, loot chest, and a vindicator.
Wood arch hallway

Secret Rooms

X Room

X room got its name after the cobblestone pattern on the walls representing the letter X. There is a loot chest in one corner of this room. Moreover, the X room is the most common secret room and can generate on any floor.

Spider Room

Spider room in a woodland mansion is, believe it or not, a monster spawner room. The regular spider spawner is surrounded by lots of cobwebs.

So, if you hear a lot of spider noises while exploring this structure, there is a good chance you have stumbled upon a spider room. In addition, this room can generate on any floor.

Fake End Portal Room

This room is one of the secret signs related to the progression in Minecraft. The fake end portal room in a woodland mansion portrays an end portal room in a stronghold in Minecraft. There are cobblestone stairs leading to the ring of green wool, resembling end portal frame blocks, with orange wool underneath, resembling lava.

There is a trapped chest with two TNT blocks on either side on the green wool blocks across from the stairs. The chest contains two ender pearls. Furthermore, all the full cobblestone blocks are not regular, but infested.

If the trap is triggered, the cobblestone blocks will explode, revealing silverfish that’ll quickly swarm the player. Therefore, before reaching for the chest, break those TNT blocks. This room can generate only on the first floor.

Obsidian Room

This room seems kind of bland at first glance, as all you can see are a few obsidian blocks in the center. However, even though it’s painful, start mining that obsidian, and you’ll be rewarded. There is a whole block of diamond in the center of the obsidian creation. This secret room has a chance to generate on any floor.

Birch Pillar Room

The birch pillar room’s name is self-explanatory. All you will find in this secret room is four birch pillars rising towards the ceiling. Even though this is a secret room, the only reward you can get in here is some birch planks and probably a couple of hostile mobs. This room can generate on any floor.

Clean Chest Room

This is a great secret room to find. It’s an empty room with one loot chest. The room is fairly well-lit, so you don’t need to worry about a creeper blowing up the chest. This room can generate only on the first floor.

Attic Room

Attic room is one of those rooms that don’t draw any attention, since there is nothing in them except for some different wood blocks, creating a big wooden construction. However, there is more than meets the eye.

If you pillar up to the ceiling and break a block, you’ll find a whole new dark platform above. That’s where you’ll find two loot chests on either end. This room generates on the second or third floor of the woodland mansion.

Lava Room

The lava room is the rarest secret room in a woodland mansion and is also fairly impressive-looking. It’s a big room with obsidian and glass construction holding lava inside.

Similarly to the obsidian room, a true reward is hidden. There is a full diamond block inside the lava that you can mine. Before doing so, remove the lava so the item doesn’t burn.

How to Find Secret Rooms in Woodland Mansion

Sometimes, it can be difficult to locate a secret room in this structure, which is the point. In the case of a spider room or a lava room, unusual noises can easily give away the position of the room.

However, when it comes to the other ones, there is no clear indication of their existence. Keep in mind that these rooms are fairly rare, and you could explore even a few mansions before finding your first secret room. There are a few pieces of advice we can give you to find these secret rooms.

Break the Illager Pixel Art

Illager pixel art above the staircase connecting the second and third floor can hide an entrance to the secret room. It’s always your best bet to give it a shot and break it. You may even get lucky and reveal a rare room.

Look Through the Windows

Thanks to the windows, you can see inside the mansion and explore it safely. This way, you can also easily locate the room you’re looking for, if it is generated in the first place. This is a great tip, but it doesn’t work on the secret rooms that generate on the bottom floor, as there are no windows there.

Poke a Hole in Walls or Take Down the Roof

Poking a hole in every wall has a chance to randomly reveal a secret room. This is an easy way to not miss any secrets while exploring the woodland mansion. Moreover, if you decide to tear down the entire roof of this structure, you will be able to see most rooms on the second and all rooms on the third floor.

Light the Structure on Fire

Although this method may seem crazy, it’s rather safe. You can use a flint and steel to start the fire and wait for it to spread. Since the majority of the woodland mansion is made of wood, you’ll be able to see every little secret and detail when enough blocks are burned.

Chests are also not flammable, so they won’t burn. Furthermore, this method will eliminate dark spots, which automatically means fewer hostile mobs to worry about.

There are, however, two disadvantages. First, you’re not actually exploring this structure. Woodland mansion is a massive building with powerful mobs and the experience of traversing it the intended way is frightening and challenging. This is very appealing for players who love the adrenaline rush.

The second flaw of this method is simply destruction. Some secret rooms and main rooms are made of wood, so you’ll miss out on them completely if you decide to burn the building.

Loot Chest Locations in Woodland Mansion

The woodland mansion is a massive structure with a lot of possible layouts and rooms. Because of that, players may not know where to look to find the loot chests. So now, we are going to cover all the rooms with chests containing random loot.

There are chests that always have the same contents. Check the rooms section above to see those. Loot chest rooms in a woodland mansion are:

  • Checkerboard room – Chest is above the entrance.
  • X room – Chest is in one corner of the room.
  • Gray banner room – Chest is behind the cobblestone structure.
  • Wood arch hallway – Chest is at the end of the room.
  • Winding stairway room – Chest is at the end of the spiral staircase.
  • Bedroom with loft room – Chest is on the loft.
  • Clean chest room – Chest is exposed in the center.
  • Attic room – Two chests are at either end of the upper platform of this secret room.
  • Arena room – Chest is on the loft.

All the Loot in a Woodland Mansion

The mansions are one of the best loot locations. Also, besides the loot in the chests themselves, you can find whole blocks of precious materials in secret rooms and upon killing the evoker you get one of the most OP items in the game – totem of undying. If you are interested in using this special item, check out our linked guide.

Moreover, vindicators are a great source of emeralds, which is their drop. Consider constructing a raid farm to stock up on emeralds. Now, let’s look at all the loot you can find in woodland mansions and how likely are you to do the same.

Rotten Flesh57.8%
Vex Armor Trim50.0%
Name Tag28.3%
Redstone Dust26.6%
13 Music Disc21.8%
Cat Music Disc21.8%
Golden Apple21.8%
Diamond Hoe21.8%
Beetroot Seeds18.5%
Melon Seeds18.5%
Pumpkin Seeds18.5%
Iron Ingot18.5%
Enchanted Book14.9%
Chainmail Chestplate14.9%
Gold Ingot9.6%
Diamond Chestplate7.7%
Enchanted Golden Apple3.1%

And just like that, you know everything about the woodland mansion in Minecraft. This structure is rather scary, so make sure you are geared up with good armor and the best enchantments to make it out alive.

Also, finding every secret room is quite a great achievement, so that could be your next big quest if you have nothing else to do. Anyhow, that’s it for now. Are you a fan of woodland mansions and its evil habitants? Tell us in the comments below!

Can you make a woodland mansion your house?

After you defeat all the illagers and light up the structure, then yes you can. Illagers spawn with the structure during generation and cannot respawn there unless a raid is happening, so, you’ll be completely safe.

Does a woodland mansion give bad omen effect?

No, you cannot get a bad omen effect in a woodland mansion. The spawned illagers cannot have an ominous banner.

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