Minecrafter Shares New Player Cannon Design Using Wind Charges

Super simple player cannon design using the wind charge in Minecraft
In Short
  • A Reddit user has discovered a super simple player cannon design that uses the wind charge item in Minecraft.
  • All you need are four dispensers, seven redstone dust, four solid blocks, one slab, one button, and at least four wind charges.
  • Replicate the cannon design below and construct the cannon, which on activation will see the player travel 68 blocks in the air.

There are so many different uses for the new wind charge item, and the community keeps finding more. Today, we’ll be showing you a crazy simple cannon launcher made possible using the wind charge in Minecraft.

If you’re a fan of cannon launchers in Minecraft for whatever reason, you will love this brand-new design. It was shared by Reddit user u/Michael23B who does some amazing Redstone work. The player cannon they’ve created is super easy to set up and involves zero TNT blocks. All you need is the following:

Those are all the resources you need to make this player cannon. Now let’s build it real quick by following the steps below.

  • Place a bottom-half slab where you want the center of the cannon to be.
  • Surround it with dispensers in all four cardinal directions, facing toward the slab.
  • On the corners between the dispensers place four solid blocks, as shown below.
  • Add Redstone dust on top of the dispensers and solid blocks. However, there will be one block without redstone dust.
  • Simply attach a button to the block without redstone dust on top of it. See the image below for reference.
  • Fill the dispensers with at least one wind charge, so four in total for four dispensers to fuel this cannon launcher in Minecraft.
  • Now, stand on the slab in the middle and press the button to get launched 68 blocks in the air!

The best thing about this mechanism is that you won’t even take fall damage if you land on a block that’s at the same Y level as the slab you launched off of or higher. Isn’t that convenient?

And just like that, you have built a simple player cannon with wind charges in Minecraft. Using this, you don’t need to worry about your base getting blown up. You need to keep defeating the Breeze if you want to use the cannon, but our linked guide will help you out with that. Moreover, we have also published a dedicated guide to farm wind charges, so get started with collecting this cool new item.

So, what do you think of this simple cannon launcher? Tell us in the comments below!

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