6 Reasons Why Minecraft Multiplayer Is Superior to Single Player

In Short
  • One of the reasons I think multiplayer is better than single player mode in Minecraft is that it makes the game far easier.
  • Moreover, it allows proper use of some in-game features and helps keep players motivated for longer.
  • You truly feel like part of the community and can play on various different available servers.

No matter what game you end up playing, single player and multiplayer each pack their own respective charm. As it turns out, Minecraft is no different. Single player by itself packs a lot of freedom and exploration. However, as I started to get into multiplayer Minecraft, I realized it is much superior to the former. Besides playing with other folks, there are plenty of reasons for it. Let’s talk about them below.

1. Minecraft Becomes Easier

As a dedicated experience by itself, Minecraft gives players free rein on how to go about it all. This means it is up to you to finish all the tasks in the game and progress at your own pace. However, that also means you have to gear up, grind, explore, and fight all on your own. Unfortunately, this leads to many players getting pretty overwhelmed by all the features. This also leads to my first reason why multiplayer is better—it makes Minecraft much easier.

While playing alone can be hell for some, Minecraft effectively switches to easy mode as soon as you bring two or more friends along. You can split all the tasks among yourselves. This not only speeds up the entire process but removes room for overthinking and second-guessing.

An added advantage of having more players is that core Minecraft mechanics kind of lose their intended challenge. Dying in a cave is no longer pressuring, as your friend can collect your items and put them in a chest, where they’ll be safe from despawning. In the same way, defeating mobs, conquering difficult structures, and beating bosses is far more achievable if you’re playing with others.

This is because no other structure behaves like trial chambers. The mobs, traps, and perils are designed for one player, so, naturally, having more hands on deck makes it all easier. So, if you’re someone who is finding single player Minecraft difficult, you will love having your pals along.

2. Minecraft Multiplayer Brings Some Items to Life

Minecraft is chock full of different items. However, some items and blocks in the game just don’t make much sense in single player worlds. While they can still be used, their intended purpose suits multiplayer better. Examples of these include Signs, Books, and Quill, which become more valuable as you can use them to leave messages for your server mates. Similarly, the trapped chest allows for some awesome pranks.

You may use secret door redstone designs to hide your valuables in a fancy way. Moreover, the Minecraft 1.21’s vault block‘s special property comes in use on multiplayer servers, whereas in single player, it behaves pretty much like a locked chest. So, if you thought any of these items were kind of useless, then try them out while playing with other people and you’ll see their true potential.

3. You Feel like You Belong

If you’re a Minecraft veteran, then you know how fun it is to create your own worlds and experiences. However, I want you to stop and imagine how much fun it would be if you could share that world with your friends. So, instead of building your dreams alone, your friend lends you a hand. Doesn’t that immediately sound more appealing? With good builders by your side, the sky is your limit. Who knows, you might even make your very own republic!

Shopping district on Hermitcraft season 7
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Grian

Everyone can contribute and shape the world’s story by providing their ideas and beliefs. Moreover, since Minecraft doesn’t really have any intelligent forms of life, it can sometimes seem very lonely and empty in the single player mode.

You have no one you can share crazy moments with other than your tamed wolf. But multiplayer makes experiencing those exciting moments more enjoyable, as others can relate with you.

4. Co-Operation and Competition at Once

Building structures with your friends doesn’t have to be restricted to just that. Have you ever wanted to build something massive in your single player world but just can’t stay motivated for it? Another reason why multiplayer is better than single player in Minecraft is that other people can help you finish your projects.

So not only can your friends help by collecting materials, but also just inspire you to keep going. It even creates a sense of competition as you’ll want to keep progressing if your friends do the same. Therefore, you’re much more likely to complete your builds, redstone machines, or adventures if you play with somebody in your world.

5. Servers Allow for Limitless Replayability

Regardless of the mode you play in, Minecraft allows for infinite replayability thanks to the world seeds and all the different possibilities. However, Minecraft servers are a little different. They usually focus on one or several specific features of the game that allow players to stick to what they truly love and enjoy in the game.

That’s why visiting and playing on different servers is usually more convenient. Furthermore, many players visit active servers, so new challenges and events are always happening to keep you entertained. So, if you’re looking for short-term fun gameplay options with your friends, public servers are perfect for you.

6. Collective Building, Mini-Games, Shenanigans and More

Last but certainly not least, multiplayer offers endless amusing opportunities with your friends. You can create mini-games for each other to challenge your Minecraft skills and knowledge, organize competitions for valuable prizes, build massive structures together, make silly pranks for others, and so much more.

As you would expect, everything is more fun when you have somebody to share it with, and Minecraft’s multiplayer mode proves it.

Those are the reasons why Minecraft multiplayer is better than single player mode. However, don’t mistake me for someone who hates the latter. Even single player has its advantages, including not worrying about players griefing and stealing. Like everything else in life, it will depend on your personal preferences.

Do you find yourself agreeing with me? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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