This Minecraft Mod Will Have You Literally Screaming at Your Screen

Cave dweller attacking player in a cave
In Short
  • Cave Dweller mod introduces a monster that is a mix of a baby zombie and an enderman in Minecraft.
  • It is fairly fast, can crawl, and crouch and deals a lot of damage. It also spawns in any light level.
  • The cave sounds will get increasingly intense as this monster gets closer to you.

Many players claim that the caves in Minecraft are pretty scary while others claim they are too easy and boring to mine. If you belong to the latter sect and are not afraid enough in caves, we have got the perfect mod for you. This Minecraft mod will terrify you so much that you will never take your friendly neighborhood zombies for granted again.

Minecraft cave noises happen at the moments you least expect them to and their purpose is to give you a scare from time to time. But what if these noises actually meant something? Like something really bad…well, they do with the Cave Dweller’s mod.

The Cave Dweller mod’s creator was inspired by scary sounds in Minecraft and the ways in which they can affect the player. So, he decided to create a monster in the Herobrine style, which will spawn in caves and slowly hunt you down.

Image Courtesy: Gargin/YouTube Channel

The sounds you will hear while playing with this mod will keep you on your toes constantly, until the moment they become so intense that you just want to quit playing. But then, the monster appears in front of you. It’s a mix between a regular baby zombie and an enderman Minecraft mob. So not only is it fast, it’s also able to slip through cracks you don’t expect it to.

Image Courtesy: Gargin/YouTube Channel

Yes, this mob can literally crawl through a one block tall hole and crouch as it’s chasing you. It also deals quite significant damage, so you want to stay away from it. A great feature is that you can escape this monster, so it’s not too OP. Thanks to super complex animations and smart AI, the Cave Dweller mod is something you’ll never forget in Minecraft.

With that, you now know all about one of the scariest Minecraft mods in recent history. So, if you’re brave enough to face it, check out the official download page here. In case you want to find out more about the development of this mod, check out the creator’s video. With that, what are your thoughts on the Cave Dweller? Is it scary enough for you? Let us know in the comments below!

Is the Cave Dweller real in Minecraft?

Cave Dweller is a part of a mod, it’s not in the vanilla game.

Can Cave Dwellers spawn in light?

Cave Dweller can spawn in any light level underground, so torches and glow berries don’t affect it.

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