How to Create and Manage Folders in Shortcuts App in iOS 14

With a smart shortcut like the one that works with the super handy Back Tap feature, performing certain tasks like launching apps, translating a web page, or extracting ZIP files is a breeze. Featuring a ton of hacks, the Shortcuts app is designed to boost automation on iOS. While the app has always been good in most aspects, it surprisingly lacked a proper shortcut management tool. Thanks to the arrival of iOS 14, you can now use folders to keep all of your shortcuts organized on your iPhone or iPad. If you find this feature handy, let’s jump right in to learn how you can manage Shortcuts folders in iOS 14!

Manage Folders in Shortcuts App in iOS 14

Shortcuts app offers three predefined folders; All Shortcuts, Share Sheet, and Apple Watch, to ensure your hacks remain organized and easily accessible. Just in case you don’t find them good enough or wish to have even better control over your shortcuts, you can also create custom shortcuts folders. With the quick duplicate, move, and delete tools, managing shortcuts has become more straightforward than ever before.

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Access Predefined Shortcuts Folders

1. Launch Shortcuts app on your iPhone or iPad and then tap on the back button at the top right corner.

Open Shortcuts app

2. On the next screen, you should see three folders:

Use Shortcuts folders

  • All Shortcuts: It consists of all of your shortcuts.
  • Share Sheet: It comprises all the shortcuts which you have added to the share sheet.
  • Apple Watch: It consists of all the shortcuts that are related to Apple Watch.

Create Custom Shortcuts Folders

  1. Open Shortcuts app on your device and then tap on the back button at the top left corner.

Open Shortcuts app

2. Now, tap on the folder button at the top right corner of the screen.

Tap on the folder button

3. Next, enter the name of the folder and choose the desired icon for it. You can choose from three options like People, Objects, and Symbols. After that, tap on Add at the top right to finish.

Make a shortcuts folder

Edit Custom Shortcuts Folders

1. Launch the Shortcuts app on your device -> back button.

Open Shortcuts app

2. Tap on the Edit button at the top left corner of the screen.

Click on the Edit button at the top left corner

Rearrange Shortcuts Folders

If you want to rearrange folders, use the rearrange button (looks like three horizontal lines) to drag a specific folder at the desired place.

Rearrange shortcuts

Delete Shortcuts Folders 

If you want to delete any shortcuts folder, simply tap on the red button to the left of a specific folder. After that, you have two options. Either delete the folder along with all of its shortcuts or delete the folder but keep its shortcuts.

Delete Shortcuts foldersTap on Delete “Folder name”, if you want to get rid of it. Tap on Keep “Name of the folder” delete the folder but keep its shortcuts.

Duplicate, Delete or Move Shortcuts

Based on your needs, you can duplicate, delete, or move shortcuts from one folder to the other. To do so, open the folder and then tap on the Select button at the top right. Then, choose all the shortcuts in question. Next, you should see the options to duplicate, delete, or move. Tap on the respective button to go ahead with the quick process.

Delete shortcuts

Note: If you want to delete, duplicate, or movie individual shortcut, touch and hold on it. And then choose the preferred option.

Use and Manage Folders in Shortcuts App on iPhone and iPad

So, that’s the way you can take control of Shortcuts folders on your iPhone or iPad. If you like to create a variety of shortcuts, you would indeed appreciate this handy feature to keep all the hacks organized and also prevent the app from being cluttered.

iOS 14 has come with a range of appreciable features including home screen widgets, power reserve mode, and App Library. Being both feature-rich and refined, it has won a lot of praise. Where do you rank this iteration of iOS in the pantheon of great iOS updates and what are the features that have caught your attention in it?

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