Madame Web Ending Explained and Post Credit Scene

In Short
  • Madame Web has received a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 17% and wild reviews on social media.
  • The highlight for Madame Web was the super suits of all the Spider Women.
  • There is no post-credit or mid-credit scene in Madame Web.

Madame Web has made its way to the theaters and boy oh boy, it’s a hot bowl of mess. Even if I give some credit to the movie for a few good action sequences, it still is one of the worst Marvel movies I have ever seen. The dialogues, the script, and even the acting in this film feel like watching a fan-made movie. The highlight for Madame Web was the super suits of all the Spider Women but guess what, the total screen time of those costumes is less than 5 minutes. Despite the shambolic performance, many Marvel fans are wondering whether Madame Web has a post-credit scene.

Does Madame Web Have a Post Credits Scene

Does Madame Web have a Post Credit Scene
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Madame Web could have made itself somewhat of an origin story if Sony had decided to keep it connected to their Sony Spider-verse. However, the movie ends rather abruptly and shows us a small glimpse of Dakota Johnson’s Madame Web costume which again, looks like crap. Now coming to the question, does Madame Web have a post-credit scene? No, Madame Web features neither a post-credit scene nor a mid-credits scene.

Madame Web Ending Explained

Madame Web Ending Explained
Image Courtesy: IMDb

If you have been a fan of the Final Destination series, Madame Web will feel like a sequel to the franchise with a spider-powered- supervillain. By the end of the movie, Cassandra Webb (Dakota Johnson) and the three to-be spider-heroes, namely Julia Cromwell (Sydney Sweeny), Anya Corazon (Isabela Merced), and Mattie Franklin (Celeste O’Conner) get into a battle with Ezekiel Sims in an abandoned building. This building was previously seen in the movie where Cassandra starts to understand what is happening to her.

Ezekiel almost kills the three of them but as soon as he is about to, guess what happens? Cassandra discovers the full potential of her powers and saves all three of them using astral projections. So unpredictable right? In what Sony might have thought to be a “twist,” Cassandra tells Ezekiel that the girls were never supposed to kill him, she was. With that Ezekiel falls to death and is crushed to death under debris. However, in all the fighting, Cassandra Webb falls into the river and damages her vision after almost drowning

We also get to see that Mary Parker has given birth to the unnamed baby, who will grow up to be Peter Parker. Then the movie fast-forwards and now Cassandra Webb and the other girls are living together and she is now in a wheelchair. Cassandra then looks into the future and sees the four of them be the heroes they are destined to be. We also get to take a look at Dakota Johnson’s Madame Web suit.

Is Madame Web a Part of MCU

Now, the big question right now is, if we will get to see Madame Web in the broader MCU. So, first things first, the Sony Spider-Verse is completely different from the main MCU Spider-Man or Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. In the movie, we see no such connection between Madame Web’s story with that of Tom Holland’s universe.

However, the baby we see take birth in the movie from May Parker is undoubtedly Peter Parker. However, we can’t say as of now if this is Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man or not. As of now, all we know is that Madame Web is a standalone movie with no connections to the MCU.

Is Peter Parker in Madame Web

Is Peter Parker in Madame Web
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The answer to that question is, yes and also no. Let me explain. In the movie, we get to see that Mary, Ben Parker’s sister, is pregnant and gives birth by the end of the movie. Now they did not take the name of the baby but it’s pretty much obvious that the baby is Peter Parker. In this movie, we see him as an infant and not as the superhero we know him to be. sS yes, Peter Parker is in Madame Web, but not just in the way we are used to seeing him.

Well, with this movie, let’s hope that Marvel’s days of giving out bad movies are over since the next theatrical release from Marvel is Deadpool 3, and the X-Men ’97 series is about to stream in March. So let’s wait and see if Marvel successfully redeems itself or not this year.

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  • Will says:

    Let’s hope Marvel doesn’t put out another flop with Deadpool 3? First off, Marvel didn’t release Madame Web, Sony did, and 2nd, when was the last time Ryan Reynolds delivered a flop?

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