Who Is Madame Web: Powers and Origin Explained

In Short
  • Madame Web is coming to theaters on February 14, 2024.
  • The comic version of Madame Web is a result of mutation and is not related to Spider-Man.
  • Madame Web movie has taken an alternative approach which is quite different from the character's appearance in the comic books.

Madame Web is one of those characters who is rather unique compared to other Spider-People. She does not possess any of the common spider-powers but is a powerful psychic who uses her precognitive abilities to help Spider-People. This February 14, Madame Web is being brought to life in Sony’s universe of Spider-Man characters with Madame Web’s live-action adaptation. In this article, allow me to make you much more familiar with Madame Web, her powers, and her origin story before you step into your nearest theaters to watch the movie.

Madame Web’s Comic Origin

Who Is Madame Web: Powers and Origin Explained
Image Courtesy: Marvel Database

Madame Web or Cassandra Webb made her first comic appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #210 published in November 1980. She was created by Denny O’Neil and John Romita, two of the most renowned comic book creators. Her unique abilities are not the cause of a spider bite or any experiment like that of a majority of Spider-People. Her powers are a result of a mutation which also triggers several physical disabilities. She suffers from a neuromuscular disease called myasthenia gravis and is also blind and paralyzed.

In the comic books, considering all her physical disabilities, to keep her alive, her husband builds her a live support system that looks very similar to a spider’s web. Madame Web crossed paths with Spider-Man when he was out looking for a kidnapped journalist who worked for Daily Globe, a rival publication of Daily Bugle. After her assistance in solving the kidnapping case, she became a recurring character in the comics who would help Peter Parker quite frequently.

Even though her abilities are not physical, she plays a really important role in the saga of Spider-Women in Marvel Comics. However, the Sony version is very different from the comic counterpart and according to the Madame Web trailer, it seems that the movie is going to explore this very side of the character.

Madame Web Movie: How is Sony’s Madame Web Different

Who Is Madame Web: Powers and Origin Explained
Source: X (Formerly Twitter)

Now if we talk about the upcoming Madame Web movie, Dakota Johnson will portray the role of Madame Web who is significantly younger than the comic book version of her. Looking at the trailer, it seems that Sony has tried to merge the comic book Cassandra Webb and Julia Carpenter, to whom Cassandra (Madame Web) passed on her powers when she died.

Contrary to the original elderly character of Cassandra Webb, the Sony version is a paramedic who develops clairvoyant abilities after a near-death experience. These abilities give her an insight into the deeper spider world. As of now, we don’t know if her abilities extend into the MCU or not but there is a possibility that she might be able to look into the Venom and The Amazing Spider-Man storylines since they are set in the same universe.

Based on the trailer, in this movie, we’ll see Cassandra Webb trying to protect three girls namely, Mattie Franklin, Julia Carpenter, and Anya Corazon. These three are going to become Spider-Women or Spider-Girl in the future and Ezekiel Sims, the villain of Madame Web is trying to kill them before they get their powers. The interesting thing here is Sony has majorly twisted the character of Ezekiel Sims since he was a friend and ally of Spider-Man in the comics. This is a rather strong move but let’s see how Sony alters the story of Ezekiel in the movie.

Madame Web Powers

Who Is Madame Web: Powers and Origin Explained
Image Courtesy: Marvel Database

Coming to the powers of Madame Web, she does not possess any power that makes her physically strong rather her powers are completely mental. She possesses a mutation that allows her to look into the future but also is too strong for the human body causing an array of physical deformities. She suffers from a neuromuscular disease called myasthenia gravis while being paralyzed and blind. These deformities force her to be always cybernetically attached to a life support system that looks exactly like the web of a spider.

Along with her clairvoyant abilities, her comic-book version also possesses telepathy and can perform astral projections and appear to whoever she wishes in a spirit-like form or just a voice in their head. The live-action adaptation of Madame Web was seriously unexpected and seems a rather abrupt move by Sony but it remains to be seen if they can deliver with this movie or not on February 14, 2024.

Is Madame Web connected to Spider-Man?

The comic version of Madame Web is connected to Spider-Man but as of now, there is no confirmation of her live-action version being connected to Spider-Man.

Is Madame Web a hero or a villain?

Madame Web is a recurring character in Marvel Comics who can be considered a hero as she often helps Spider-Man using her psychic abilities.

Is Madame Web going to be a movie or a show?

Madame Web is a movie set in Sony’s Spider-Man characters universe. Madame Web will be released on February 14, 2024.

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