Top 8 Deadpool Variants Ranked from Weakest to Strongest

Even if you don’t like Deadpool, you have to admit that he is one of the most popular characters ever created by Marvel. If his comic book popularity was not enough, Ryan Reynold’s live-action adaptation made him a global sensation leading to the release of Deadpool 2 in 2018. Now, the upcoming Deadpool and Wolverine is one of the most anticipated movies of 2024. Since Deadpool is such a popular character, different writers for Marvel have created several variants for Deadpool, let’s talk about the top 8 Deadpool variants we have seen in Marvel and some might even appear in Deadpool and Wolverine.

8. Dogpool

Image Courtesy: X/Ryan Reynolds

Dogpool is an adorable four-legged puppy who gained the ability to regenerate under rather tragic circumstances. Dogpool was a test subject for a company called Mascara X which used a dog called Wade as a test subject. They were creating a new mascara which once applied will regenerate even after being washed off. They extensively tested this new product on Wade and the chemical reaction caused him to develop regenerative abilities.

Dogpool, later on, joined a Deadpool Corps and helped the main 616 continuity Deadpool variant in several missions. However, he was killed in Deadpool Kills Deadpool issue 1 released in 2013.

7. King Deadpool

King Deadpool
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We’ve all known Deadpool to be a gun for hire for as long as I can remember. We’ve seen him live in his lousy apartment and chop people’s heads off. However, in King Deadpool 1: Hail to the King comic released in 2020, Deadpool became the king of Monsters and had a throne at Staten Island. In this comic run, we get to see a more responsible version of Deadpool who is a quite decent king to his subjects.

6. Wolverinepool

Image Courtesy: Deadpool Wiki

If you ever wondered what a fusion of Deadpool and Wolverine would look like, you can get a glimpse of it in the character of Wolverinepool. In this timeline, Wade Wilson was fused with Adamantium giving him Adamantium bones and claws just like Wolverine. However, even though he has the same abilities as Wolverine he is not as powerful as the main continuity Wolverine.

Oh and yes, this version of Deadpool is not a hero but a hardcore villain who was a part of the team assembled by Dreadpool to kill every single variant of Deadpool. However, Wolverinepool was killed by the main continuity Deadpool using a grenade containing a swarm of bugs that ate it and the only thing left was his Adamantium bones.

5. Kidpool

Image Courtesy: X/XMenUpdate

In a recent official art for Deadpool and Wolverine set to release July 26, 2024, we got to see illustrations of a few variants of Deadpool. Among those illustrations was Kidpool, one of the most interesting variants of Deadpool. In an alternate universe, Wade is a kid who has been admitted to Xavier’s Orphanage for Troubled Boys but is a total misfit. He is constantly in and out of detention and is friends with only Scott Summers, popularly known as Cyclops.

One day, when he and Cyclops are in detention for disrupting a class, Wade convinces Scott to escape with him to go to the prom where he will help him get with Jean Grey. However, Wade causes a ruckus at the prom, and as he is being expelled from the orphanage, Deadpool from 616 appears and recruits Kidpool to save the multiverse.

4. Lady Deadpool

Lady Deapdool
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Lady Deadpool is exactly what her name is, the female counterpart of the main continuity Deadpool. However, in her universe, a lot of things are very different as compared to the main continuity. For instance, Captain America is General America and is a bad guy. Lady Deadpool is a part of the rebels fighting against the fascist regime America has become. There is a constant war between the government loyalists and Rebels in her universe. As a matter of fact, in several comics, it has been proven that she is a much better combatant than Deadpool, especially with swords.

3. Venompool

Image Courtesy: Marvel Database

Venompool, in my opinion, is one of the coolest variants of Deadpool. However, there are not a lot of appearances of Venompool in Deadpool comics and I feel that this is a rather underutilized character. He hails from an alternate reality created by the Beyonder which is quite literally stuck in the 1980’s. Evil Deadpool later hired Venompool to fight against the Deadpool corps.

2. Death Mask

Death Mask
Image Courtesy: Marvel Database

Death Mask is by far one of the most sinister variants of Deadpool. He hails from a reality where Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic, did a surgical procedure on Wade Wilson to remove a brain tumor but the process somehow aroused extreme intellect in Wade making him a super genius. Wade used his extreme intellect to build a criminal empire.

Death Mask killed off Victor Von Doom (in this continuity known as Deathwish) who was liked by the main continuity Deadpool. Deadpool then defeated Death Mask and angered by his defeat, Death Mask unleashed monsters including the demonic infernal Hulk on Earth with the help of Mephisto.

1. Dreadpool

Image Courtesy: Villains Wiki

Dreadpool is one of the most evil versions of Deadpool out there. This version of Deadpool was captured by a psychotic man who attempted to brainwash Deadpool but was unsuccessful. However, the process Deadpool went through at his hands left him with a voice in his head that told him everything around him is fake and a lie encouraging him to kill off everyone in it.

After this, he set out on a mission to kill off every hero and villain in the Marvel Universe, and guess what? He succeeds in doing so. However, his crusade did not end there. After killing everyone in the Marvel Universe, he moves to the Ideaverse where he kills iconic characters from English literature like Sherlock Holmes. After finishing off this task, he takes up the challenge to kill off every version of himself in every reality and gives himself the name, Dreadpool.

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