Leaf Is the World’s First Self UV-C Sterilizing “Smart” Mask with an N99+ HEPA Filter

Leaf mask feat.

Since the rise of the Coronavirus, we have seen an array of face masks making their way into the market. We saw the ultimate face shield, BioVYZR and recently we saw a programmer develop a mask that simulates movements of the lips. Now, a company has made the world’s first UV powered “smart” face mask that can self-sterilize with UV-C.

Leaf, developed by Detroit-based Redcliffe Healthcare, is a unique reusable face mask that comes with active ventilation and N99+ HEPA standard filtration system. It is also completely transparent, much like Huami’s “Project Aeri”.

Leaf has many beneficial features and is being dubbed as “the mask of 2020”, according to the manufacturers. Adam Lightman, one of the co-founders of the company says that as consumption of masks is increasing day by day, using one-time-use masks can lead to a bad impact on the environment. So, they created Leaf, which is a strong, resilient, and reusable face mask made with recyclable materials.

On the protection front, Leaf stands out coming with the most advanced filtration system in the market that blocks 99.9997% pollutants in the air, including particles as tiny as 0.3 microns.

Another unique feature of the mask is that it can clean itself with UV-C rays with a touch of a button. This self-sterilising feature not only makes Leaf a much safer mask, but it also ensures that the mask’s filters last up-to one month, unlike in traditional masks. Also, as the mask is transparent, users can easily unlock their smartphones using face unlock.

You can also customize your mask by adding your preferred translucent hues or add a color of your choice to the lip section.

Leaf comes in four sizes — 55mm for kids of 3-8 years, 65mm for kids of 7-12 years, 85mm for adults or teens, and a huge 115mm one, for adults with a relatively larger face. Each Leaf mask comes with a HEPA filter and a carrying case, costing $49 (~Rs 3700). Another version comes with a HEPA-Carbon filter and, in turn, has a higher price tag of $89 (~Rs 6725).

The company is currently running a campaign on Indiegogo through which it has already raised $108,000 (~Rs 8,179,600) from 534 backers. You can check out the mask on its official website.

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  • I bought several of these (5) masks through the Indegogo website but now they are no longer there and their own website says out of stock. They did have a 3rd party selling replacement filters but cannot source replacements any more. Shame the product worked well, I guess just poor management caused the company to fail?

  • We received our order a few weeks ago for those wondering if the masks are real.

  • Complete scam. Ordered in November 2020, received “tracking number” January 24th and after numerous attempts reaching out to the company have still not received my order.

  • The Leaf website is no longer working. We cannot buy replacement filters. I have the mask but it did not come with exhaust filters, so the side vents are just open to the air. Disappointing to say the least.

  • I too have been emailing them with no response. The updates stopped coming last month. I cannot find a single positive review for this product so must assume it does not exist. I am out $300.00. Indiegogo should be ashamed. None of the sites have been taken down. What an elaborate scam. This is so disappointing. My family made fun of me when I told them about the leaf. My father is a physician. Too ashamed to let anyone know I was scammed.

  • I also have had issues recieving ordered product and company does not respond to e mail request

    I would not suggest anyone go thru this and I am an oncologist who deals with Covid positive patients , idea is good company performance is terrible

    • It is a scam and all we can do is report to our banks that it’s a scam. Do not wait. There are many of us

  • I was scammed into buying this product from Visionn. Facebook listed the ad. I researched it, but not well enough. BEWARE Visionn and all like it. Wish I’d scrolled down on this site before I paid.

  • Please share what research you did before publishing this article? I cannot find any validity to the claims of the company, nor any other footprints on the entire world wide web. The Facebook Page is no longer valid. Their Twitter account only has post by the company. You would think such an amazing product would be talked about any anyone who had taken delivery of the mask would widely share that fact. I wish this were a true option for a mask but unfortunately, at this time, I THINK THE LEAF MASK MAY BE A SCAM, and hundreds of people may have lost their money. PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG!

      • Considering that they never replied to you. I am going to pass on this mask!

      • Wow I was hoping that this was a real product. I looked for reviews and there are none. Unfortunately like you said before this product may not be real. I was scammed before buying a product off fb, after that experience i always look at the reviews before buying.

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