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LED Face masks 1

Check Out This Cool LED Face Mask With a Built-In Customizable Screen

As the need for face masks continue to rise due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, we are seeing different kinds of face coverings pop-up...
C-mask feat.

This is the World’s First “Smart” Mask That Connects to Your Smartphone

Since the rise of the Coronavirus, face masks have become an essential add-on to our everyday attire. We have seen a lot of different...
Miakomo face mask feat.

This Resusable Silicone Face Mask Comes With 10 Replaceable Air Filters

Since the wake of the Novel Coronavirus, we have seen an array of face masks popping up in the market. There are masks like...
Leaf mask feat.

Leaf Is the World’s First Self UV-C Sterilizing “Smart” Mask with an N99+ HEPA...

Since the rise of the Coronavirus, we have seen an array of face masks making their way into the market. We saw the ultimate...
BioVYZR feat.

BioVYZR Is a Face Shield With Built-in Air Purifier System

The Novel Coronavirus pandemic has created an unprecedented demand for face masks and face shields. We have seen companies like Apple, TikTok, and Uber...
Disney masks feat.

Get a Mask of Your Favourite Disney Character While Donating to Fight COVID-19

As the current global pandemic rages throughout the world, masks have become a priority for people when out in public, as per the CDC's...

N95 vs P95 vs R95: Which Air Pollution Face Masks You Should Choose

With increasing Air Pollution levels and the spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus, people are panic buying face masks. However, most people don’t know the mask...