Jujutsu Kaisen Using Gojo as Just Another Pawn Is Frustrating

Spoiler Warning: This article includes spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 261, so please proceed with caution.

Jujutsu Kaisen is breaking the internet with each new chapter release, thanks to the mindblowing twists and turns at every point. The community long waited for Gojo’s return from the Prison Realm. Our beloved sensei finally returned and went toe to toe against Sukuna, which was surely a sight to behold.

Things didn’t go as Gojo planned, though, and he lost his life against the King of Curses. Since then, we have seen several theories and speculations suggesting Gojo’s revival. Well, that revival finally happened in the latest chapter but not how we expected it. Honestly, the way Gojo has been treated by Gege Akutami is, in a way, disappointing for many fans, including myself.

Gojo’s Return Is Disrespectful to the Legendary Character

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When Gojo lost his life against Sukuna, everyone was convinced that the overpowered character would again return, and this could not be the end of the road for the character. There were several instances when that return was hinted at.

Gojo’s body disappearing from the scene, the cover of Volume 26, and him going ‘South’ instead of ‘North,’ the direction which Nanami took — all these signs hinted at Gojo’s return, and they were hard to ignore. These hints kept feeding the thought that Gojo would, in fact, return.

Well, Gojo has returned, which might seem like a good thing. But the truth is that it’s just Gojo’s body that has returned, not the character. Apparently, the medical sorcerers stitched back Gojo’s body so that Yuta could use Kenjaku’s Curse Technique to take over his sensei’s body.

In short, Yuta knew it would be nearly impossible to defeat Sukuna without the power of Six Eyes. Since Six Eyes is a physical trait and not a technique that can be copied, Yuta decided to take over Gojo’s body. In short, our beloved character is now being used as a weapon, nothing more.

A character that is adored by millions has become a skin to be worn by Yuta. Of course, this proves that Jujutsu Kaisen’s world is unforgivable, and good guys must become monsters to defeat, well, the ultimate Monster — Sukuna. However, it’s hard to ignore that Gojo’s end was unfulfilling, and honestly, it was disrespectful to the character.

Not only is Gojo dead but his body is now being used by one of his students. Every time we see Gojo fighting Sukuna, we will have to remind ourselves that it’s Yuta and not Gojo who we’re seeing. In a way, we will be reminded of Gojo’s dark demise every time we see Yuta unless he finds a way to go back into his body and give a proper burial to Gojo.

Gojo Ends up Becoming a Pawn Without a Proper Goodbye

gojo sensei
Image Courtesy: Shonen Jump Official YouTube Channel

I realize that Sukuna is the biggest threat the Sorceres have ever faced. Since Gojo, humanity’s strongest fighter, lost against the King of Curses, good guys must let go of their humanity to win this fight.

No one saw Yuta’s decision to take over Gojo’s body, and honestly, it was incredibly smart writing from Gege Akutami. It’s a twist that’ll be remembered by the community for years. Also, Yuji is the main character of the series, not Gojo or Yuta. So, the “Honored One” had to go for Yuji to shine.

However, the one thing that a legendary character like Gojo deserved was a proper goodbye. All we got was Gojo’s brief moment with his dead friends, and he didn’t get to say anything to his students who are alive and fighting Sukuna. It breaks my heart that Yuji didn’t get to say anything to his sensei. Megumi, who idolized Gojo like a father, doesn’t even know that the man who raised him is dead. Unless Akutami’s twisted mind decides to bring back Gojo, even for a brief period, we’ll all remember Gojo’s end that way.

Gojo had to kill his best friend, Geto and saw his body being used by Kenjaku. He couldn’t live up to his promise and lost against Sukuna. And before dying, he couldn’t even say goodbye to Megumi or Yuji. It indeed reminds us that it’s a harsh world where not everyone will get what they want, but this realization doesn’t make all this any less heartbreaking.

In the end, Gojo was nothing but a good marketing scheme for Jujutsu Kaisen, later to be used as a puppet.

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