Jujutsu Kaisen Revives a Fan-Favorite Character but in the Most Unexpected Way

Spoiler Warning: This article includes spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 261, please proceed with caution.

Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the most trending manga on social media platforms right now. Well, that’s understandable as before fans process the events of the recent chapters, Gege Akutami drives them crazy by coming up with more wild things in the further chapters. For instance, Chapter 260 of JJK teased Gojo’s return in the concluding panels, and the narrator also hinted at his revival. However, the leaks for Chapter 261 have started surfacing, and they tell an entirely different story. If you are intrigued, keep reading as we delve deeper.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 261 Brings Back Gojo in a Way No One Expected

We haven’t forgotten how things ended in the showdown between Gojo and Sukuna. It still feels like a nightmare, isn’t it? However, the fandom was still hoping to see him come back from the dead, as there were several speculations and theories around it.

Fans weren’t hopeful for no reason; Gege Akutami’s artwork in Volume 26 and the cover featuring Gojo contributed to the rumors on a higher level.

Well, as per JJK Chapter 261 spoilers, we will see Gojo entering the picture. However, don’t get too excited as it will not be Gojo instead, it will be Yuta Okkotsu taking over and controlling his sensei’s body. The King of Curses will address Gojo as Yuta in the chapter and shatter the hopes of the entire fandom. He also addresses Yuta saying (rough translation from Japanese to English), “I apologize for underestimating you!! I didn’t know you were capable of going that far, YUTA OKKOTSU.”

The spoiler then discloses how Yuta managed to take over Gojo’s body and how every other sorcerer helped him in this process.

When JJK chapter 260 hinted at Gojo’s arrival, fans started speculating how their beloved character could return. Some believed that Gojo must have made a Binding vow and sacrificed his Six Eyes to return; while some others expected Kenjaku (aka Psuedo Geto) to take over Gojo’s body after being killed by Yuta.

However, no one in their wildest dreams thought it would be Yuta in Gojo’s skin. Apparently, Yuta asked Rika to devour Kenjaku, allowing Yuta to copy Kenjaku’s Cursed Technique. That way, he could use Kenjaku’s technique to switch bodies with Gojo. Then, we see Yuta in Gojo’s body take on Sukuna, with both unleashing their respective domain expansions, Infinite Void and Malevolent Shrine.

The anticipated chapter isn’t far from its release, so do not lose patience and wait for the chapter to discover the entire ordeal.

Gojo’s Revival Wouldn’t Have Made Sense at This Point

Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen
Image Courtesy: MAPPA

Gojo was the strongest sorcerer in the world crafted by the genius mangaka Gege Akutami. No matter how much the King of Curses denied it, even he feared Gojo’s true potential. Gojo was the biggest threat to Sukuna, so he used Mahoraga to cut off his infinity because that was the only option to kill Gojo once and for all.

Moreover, Gojo was not the series’s main protagonist, so if he hadn’t been killed, Yuji wouldn’t have had his awakening or had the chance to show his potential. And honestly, seeing how far the boy has come, it would be safe to say that Gege made the right choice by not bringing Gojo back.

In JJK Chapter 260, we saw Yuji and Todo overwhelming Sukuna with back-to-back attacks. It’s obvious that Sukuna has gotten weaker than when he killed Gojo, so if Gojo returns with his full abilities, he will kill Sukuna in a matter of minutes.

Hence, it makes sense why Gege doesn’t want to bring Gojo back from the dead at this point in the story. No matter how difficult it is for fans to believe, at this point in Jujutsu Kaisen, it’s right for Gojo to be used only as a weapon by one of his students.

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