Instagram Will Bring Back the Chronological Feed Next Year

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After years of incessant requests from users. Instagram is planning to make changes to how its feed appears for users. The social media app has confirmed today that it will reintroduce the chronological feed, which it ditched back in 2016 in favor of the algorithm-based feed. The information was confirmed by Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri during a Senate hearing on how Instagram tackles child safety.

Instagram Chronological Feed Coming Back

When asked how users can have better control on their Instagram without the intervention of algorithms, Mosseri revealed that the app is working on a version of a chronological feed, which is expected to launch early next year.

The information was later confirmed via a tweet shared by the Instagram Comms Twitter handle. It is further revealed that Instagram is testing a Favorites section for users to get an enhanced experience. A Suggested Posts section is also in tow.

For those who don’t know, Instagram introduced the current algorithmic feed in 2016 to help people view posts that they cared about the most. It went on to tell that the chronological feed has its issues that refrained Instagram users from seeing all posts, including the ones that were important. However, the feed didn’t attract much positivity and people ended up disliking it simply because it doesn’t show posts up in a timely manner. Instead, it relies on people’s choices and behavior to show the posts that Instagram deems are important to them.

In 2017, the feed was updated to include Recommended Posts from accounts people don’t follow. It further added to the negative limelight the feature had received. It even added more changes to the feed but seems like that didn’t help either.

Turns out things are about to change for good. That said, details on how the new Instagram chronological feed will work and more are still hidden. We expect to get more information in the days to come.

Coming back to the Senate hearing, it was meant for Instagram to come up with new ways to ensure teen safety on its platform. Speaking of which, the Meta-owned company recently introduced the Take a Break feature, among others as another step in the direction. It is expected to introduce parental controls next year to further enhance teen security on its platform. If you want to learn about other nifty new features coming to Instagram, take a peek at our linked article.

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