Huawei Can’t Use microSD Cards In Its Phones Going Forward

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The US imposed ban on Huawei has been taking its toll on the Chinese giant. In the latest setback to the besieged giant, the SD Association has barred the company from being its member. This means that Huawei won’t be able to provide support for microSD cards in its future smartphones, and SD card support in its future laptops.

In a statement to Android Authority, the SD Association confirmed that the step was taken in compliance with Trump’s executive order, which makes the SD Association join in on an ever growing list of companies that are cutting ties with Huawei. Earlier, Google had restricted Huawei’s Android license, Microsoft removed Huawei laptops from its store, ARM cut all business dealings with the company, and mobile networks in Europe and Asia denied orders for Huawei smartphones. We have a Huawei Ban timeline that you can check out to stay updated on the latest in this entire saga.

Other than all those companies, the WiFi Alliance, which sets and defines WiFi standards also cut ties with Huawei, and Huawei voluntarily left a semiconductor standards group (JEDEC) which sets specifications for RAM.

Huawei, for its part, has been working on alternatives to a lot of these technologies. The company is reportedly already working on its own operating system called HongMeng, and Huawei already has a proprietary memory card standard called Nano Memory Cards, so the SD Association’s ban might not hurt Huawei as much as some other issues probably will; including the fact that competing against Android and iOS is not an easy task; major companies like Microsoft and Amazon have tried and failed, so Huawei definitely has an uphill task ahead.

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