How to View Liked Posts on Instagram

An average Instagram user sees hundreds of posts on the photo and video-sharing platform every day. Unless you actively save Instagram posts you wish to return to or like them, you might have a difficult time trying to see the same post again. The good news is that Instagram has an easy way to let you view all posts you have liked so far. And not just that, we will also detail how to see posts that your friends have liked on Instagram.

Check Liked Posts on Instagram (2022)

View Posts You Have Liked on Instagram

1. Open your Instagram profile using the bottom navigation bar and tap on the hamburger menu at the top-right corner. From the pop-up menu that appears, select “Your activity”.

your activity settings instagram

2. Here, tap on “Interactions” and select “Likes” to view the posts you have liked on Instagram.

likes in interactions settings

3. You will now see all the posts you have liked so far, including images, videos, and Reels. You can sort these posts by newest to oldest and vice versa, specify a duration, or even filter posts from a specific Instagram user. All you have to do is press the “Sort & filter” option at the top-right corner to apply the filters.

sort and filter liked posts

See Your Friend’s Liked Posts on Instagram

While we have discussed the steps involved to see posts you have liked via your account, some of you might be wondering if there is also an option to see what all your friends have liked on Instagram. In fact, Instagram had a “Following” tab that listed all liked posts until October 2019.

How to View Liked Posts on Instagram
Image Courtesy: Twitter/@alex193a

Although we don’t have a method to check liked posts of others right now, reliable app reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi recently spotted that the company may be working to bring back this feature behind the scenes. We will have to wait and see if it materializes though.

Until then, you will have to manually visit your friend’s followers list and check recent posts from other creator’s to know if your friend has liked any posts recently. This approach may be effective if you want to know whether your friends have liked posts of specific people. Here’s how to do that:

1. Open your friend’s Instagram profile and tap the “Following” section. From there, open the profile of the person you would like to check the likes on.

How to View Liked Posts on Instagram

2. Scroll through their posts, and you will see “Liked by <friend name>” above the post’s caption if your friend has liked the post. If you have multiple mutual friends with this third person, you could also tap the like counter to view the complete likes list. Needless to say, the person should either have a public profile, or you should follow them for this method to work.

How to View Liked Posts on Instagram

Keep Track of Liked Posts on Instagram

So, those are the two methods you can use to check the posts you have liked on Instagram. If you want to revisit the Instagram Reels you’ve been watching all this time, feel free to go through our guide on how to check your Instagram Reels watch history. And for more such cool tips, check our guide on the best Instagram tips and tricks via the link here.


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