How to Find Your Apple Music Replay 2022

Most music streaming services release a customised year-in-review for their users. Whether it is Spotify Wrapped, or even the new YouTube Music year-in-review, there are definitely a lot of users who enjoy checking out their listening habits throughout the year. This year, there’s a redesigned Apple Music annual wrap up, and you can now check out your favourite artists, time-listened, and more for your Apple Music account. So, here’s how to find your Apple Music Replay for 2022.

Apple Music Replay: How to Find Your Favourite Artists, Tracks, and More (2022)

Unlike competitors like Spotify, Apple Music doesn’t offer the Replay feature within the Music app itself. Instead, you will have to check it out in your browser. Fortunately, you can do this either on a laptop/PC (Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Linux, etc), or on your smartphone. As always, you can use the table of contents below to jump ahead to the section for smartphones or computers.

Find Apple Music Replay on PC/Laptop

You can check out your Apple Music stats for 2022 using your laptop or PC. Just follow the steps below to access your annual wrap up for Apple Music:

  • Head over to the Apple Music Replay website.
Apple Music replay homepage
  • If you’re not logged-in, sign in on the website using your Apple ID password.
  • Click on “Get Started”. You can now click on “Play your highlight reel” to watch a quick overview of your Apple Music stats.
view your highlight reel in Apple Music 2022 recap
  • You can also scroll down to view detailed 2022 stats for Apple Music. This includes things like the total minutes you’ve listened for, your most played songs, albums, and more.
apple music playback history of the year

Find Apple Music Replay on iPhone/Android

If you want to check out your Apple Music stats on a smartphone, you can just follow the steps below:

  • In Chrome/Safari (or your preferred browser), head over to the Apple Music Replay website.
  • Log in with your Apple ID and tap on “Get Started”.
get started with apple music wrapped 2022
  • Now, you can tap on “Play your highlight reel” to watch a quick overview of your Apple Music stats.
apple music replay 2022 highlight reel
  • You can also scroll down to view a detailed Apple Music wrapped with your favourite artists, songs and more.
apple music replay detailed stats

Apple Music Replay FAQs

Q. How do I find my most played song on Apple Music?

You can use the Apple Music Replay website to check out your top 10 most played songs. The website even lists the number of times you’ve played them.

Q. Why isn’t my Apple Music Replay showing up?

If Apple Music replay isn’t showing up for you, it means that you haven’t played enough music in 2022. Since the service uses your playback history to find your top songs, favourite artists, and more, it needs plenty of playback data to serve the results. If you haven’t played enough music, the Replay website will show a progress bar to indicate how much more music you need to listen to, in order to get your results.

Q. Does Apple Music Replay restart every year?

Yes, Apple Music replay resets at the start of the new year. This means, every year, you can see your top songs, artists, and albums on Apple Music.

Check Out Your Apple Music Annual Wrap Up for 2022

Well, that’s how you can check out your Apple Music Replay for 2022. Though the feature isn’t yet natively available within the Apple Music app, it’s good to know that Apple at least allows its users to view their playback statistics on the browser. So, which songs have you been listening to on repeat this year? Let us know in the comments.

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