How to See Someone’s Following List on Threads

If you have started using Instagram’s Twitter alternative Threads, you would have noticed that you only see the followers count on your own profile as well as other user’s profile. And all other social media platforms have conditioned us to check how many people someone else is following. So, you must be wondering, how do I check who someone is following? Well, this guide explains how to see your own or someone else’s Threads follower list.

How to View Your Own or Someone’s Following List on Threads

Yes, you read that right. It is possible to see who other people are following on Instagram’s new Threads app. And here is you can do that:

  1. First, head to the profile of the user whose “following list” you wish to see.
  2. Tap on the follower count under their Threads bio.
  3. Switch to the “Following” tab, and that’s it.

You can now see who someone is following, along with the number of accounts they follow. This method works on your own profile too, so you can easily keep track of who you follow. Want to know why the following user count is hidden on Threads? Keep reading to learn about it.

following list on threads by instagram

In response to a question about the following count not being visible upfront, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said, “The idea was to make less prominent how many people you followed to depressurize that number. Sometimes people on Instagram are afraid to follow more people because they want to have that sort of follower-to-following ratio be a bit different. And we wanted to just see what it was like to just get away with that, not entirely buy by making it a lot less prominence, you could just follow people without worrying about it so much.”

That means others won’t see how many people you follow or who you follow the moment they visit your Threads profile. But now that we have given away the secret, they might. Guilty about following someone you don’t want others to see? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • Ken Reeves says:

    People should not be able to see who you follow or who follows you!

  • Sadam Ahmed says:

    I want to get me verified onThreads.

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