You Can Finally Delete Your Threads Account Separately from Instagram

Instagram and Threads together

Meta’s Threads app was introduced earlier this year to compete with the X platform (formerly known as Twitter). While it was quickly met with a positive reception, a big problem many users had was you couldn’t delete your Threads profile without removing your Instagram, too. However, Meta has finally decided to listen and implement some nice changes regarding account deletion.

Delete Threads Account Separately from Instagram: Details

Adam Missouri, the head of Instagram, announced on the Threads platform that two new changes are coming. The most notable of them is that you can finally delete your Threads account separately from your Instagram profile.

 Delete or Deactivate Threads Account separately from Instagram
Delete or Deactivate your Threads Account separately (Image Courtesy: Meta)

Now, with the new update which is currently rolling out, you can now delete your Threads account independently. Thanks to this, users gain better control of their online presence on Instagram and Threads. As you can see above, users can choose between deactivating or deleting their profile. In either case, their Instagram profile will not be affected. To begin deleting your Threads account, head on over to Settings > Accounts > Delete or Deactivate Profile.

There is one more privacy-related change. People can see the content uploaded on the Threads platform on other social media apps from Meta, too (Facebook & Instagram). With this feature, users get a higher overall reach. However, it seems that the Meta team has received feedback on how this should be a manually controlled change given to the users.

So now, after the latest update, users can find a new Privacy setting for their content posted on the Threads app under Settings > Privacy. The new option allows users to ‘opt out of being featured outside Threads,’ as the update-related notes from IG’s head mention.

Is the new Threads account deletion feature a welcome one for you? It looks like Meta is listening to the feedback eagerly, and it will be interesting to see where X (formerly Twitter) and Threads stand a year from now. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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