12 Best Twitter Alternatives to Use In 2024

Since billionaire Elon Musk took over Twitter, the social media platform has experienced some bizarre series of events, which has led to the waning trust of users. From the blue tick fiasco to the reinstatement of controversial figures like Donald Trump, the blue bird app has fallen into absolute chaos. While the microblogging website is in the process of gaining stability, many users have already started looking for apps like Twitter. If you’re also one of those who have decided to abandon the sinking ship that is Twitter, we have compiled a list of the 12 best Twitter alternatives that you can use in 2024. Let’s check out some Twitter-like apps with similar features without further ado.

1. Threads

Spill Twitter Alternative

Threads, the recently released app by Instagram, is our top Twitter alternative. Marketed as a text app, Threads is the latest Twitter clone that has hit the markets. However, it has an advantage over other Twitter alternatives- it is owned by Meta, a social media mogul. With quite a minimalist interface, Threads allows you to post text updates with a limit of up to 500 characters and you can also post photos and videos up to 5 minutes long.

The new social media app by Meta is tied in with Instagram. Threads fetches username and other user info from Instagram. Like Twitter, Threads also has a feed that contains posts from those whom you follow as well as recommendations. You can choose to keep your profile public or private and even choose restrictions for who can reply on your Threads.

Meta has plans to make Threads more user-friendly and will also allow users on Threads to interact with other decentralized social media networks including Mastodon, which is another Twitter alternative that we have discussed further in this list. Threads has no invite-system and you start social interaction on the app right away if you have an Instagram account.

However, do note that once you create a Threads account, there is pretty much no going back. This is primarily because deleting your Threads account requires you to get rid of your Instagram account as well.

Minimalist interfaceDeleting your Threads account is a hassle
No ads (for now)No functionality to send messages
Interoperable with FediverseNo desktop/web version

Try Threads

2. BlueSky

BlueSky Twitter Alterantive

BlueSky is one of the most popular Twitter alternatives that is making headlines all over the internet these days. Despite being in the beta stage as of writing, the platform has amassed over 100,000 users and BlueSky apps have been downloaded more than 375,000 times. It is a decentralized social network conceptualized by former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and built along the lines of Twitter. You see why the world is going gaga over it?

With a Twitter-like user interface, BlueSky is built on AT Protocol, which is a federated protocol. It borrows a few features from Twitter, including its feed, posts, likes, block lists, a mute option, and more. All posts, likes, and blocks are public on BlueSky as the platform aims to make social interactions available across platforms for everyone.

If you have ever used Mastodon, another Twitter alternative we’ve listed below, getting around BlueSky won’t take much time as both are based on a similar idea. But, BlueSky is more intuitive and appealing. As of now, it is not possible to access BlueSky unless you have an invite code. Alternatively, you can join the waitlist and wait for your turn.

Decentralized platformStill in beta phase
Closest to Twitter in form and function
No ads or sponsored content (as of now)

Try BlueSky

3. Mastodon

12 Best Twitter Alternatives to Use In 2024

Next up, we have Mastodon, which is considered to be one of the most favorable Twitter alternatives to exist to date. Let’s be clear from the beginning that Mastodon is not a social media website. In fact, it is a decentralized, open-source platform that allows you to create and run your own websites known as Instances.

For easy understanding, these are a collection of websites that are governed by their individual rules and can interact with each other. What makes Mastodon favorable for users are several Twitter-like features in tow here. You get tweets (referred to as toots on Mastodon), replies, bookmarks, hashtags, retweets, and more. Speaking about features that you’ll miss on Mastodon if you’re migrating from Twitter, you’d not get quote tweets, direct messages, and adding unfollowed accounts to the list.

Fair warning, the onboarding process on Mastodon is quite intimidating but once you get past it, things will get exciting. With more than 1.5 million active users and apps available for iOS and Android, Mastodon is the perfect Twitter alternative. If you like the overall idea of Mastodon, there are some other Fediverse servers like Pleroma, Diaspora, and Misskey (visit) that you can also try.

Entirely decentralizedComplex set up process
High level of content moderationInterface is not much user-friendly
No advertisement/sponsored content

Try Mastodon

4. Spill

Spill Twitter Alternative

Spill is another contender that can be rightly labeled as a Twitter alternative because it is created by none other than former Twitter employees. The social media app looks like Twitter but has a lot more references to “Tea”. For example, when a user publishes a post, the app says “it’s brewing your tea,” instead of recommended content feed, it has a “spillboard” and the posts are called spills.

Not much is known about the features that Spill has to offer but it is quite hyped up, especially in the black community and people are calling it the Black Twitter. Spill co-founders say that they will build an AI from scratch for moderation on the platform. So that’s one thing we can be hopeful of.

Spill is only available for iOS users as of now and we are waiting for the Android version to arrive. This Twitter alternative focuses more on photos, videos, and GIFs instead of text-based posts. However, Spill is still in the beta phase and you will need an invite to join Spill. Alternatively, you can join the Spill waitlist and wait for your turn.

Visually appealing interfaceInvite-only
AI-based moderationNot available on Android

Try Spill

5. Post

Post Twitter alternative

Let’s be honest, Twitter is not the most aesthetically appealing microblogging platform out there with its cluttered interface. I mean, we recently published an article to remove the “For You” tab on Twitter. This is where Post steps in. Developed by former Waze CEO Noam Bardin, Post is a quite realistic Twitter alternative with a minimalist yet appealing user interface.

Tailored for journalists and news readers, Post offers features like posting content without any word limit, comment, react, retweet, and tipping users. It is noteworthy that Post is not as feature-rich as Twitter as some features are not yet available. However, it is still a great social media platform albeit with a niche audience.

Moreover, Post has its own moderation policy with strict actions for bullying, harassment, fake news, and promoting hate speech. But, there is no app available for iOS and Android users as this Twitter alternative is only accessible via a web browser.

Beautiful user interfaceTailored more for journalists
No word limitNo Android or iOS app

Try Post

6. Reddit

Reddit Twitter alternative

Reddit needs no introduction when it comes to social media apps. More of a community forum than a social media platform, Reddit has the potential to absorb fleeing Twitter users. Boasting more than 50 million daily active users, Reddit allows you to post text-based updates, images, videos, and links.

Micro-communities known as subreddits are the core of Reddit, and you can join thousands of subreddits based on your interest. Content moderation is one of the best aspects of Reddit as moderators and users have the option of upvoting or downvoting posts to push popular and useful content to the top.

Unlike Twitter, which prioritizes building your profile by posting interesting content and interacting with fellow users, Reddit focuses on community building and providing a meaningful experience to co-users. Comparing Reddit and Twitter would be unjustified but the former has a lot to offer especially if you are migrating from Twitter to get to a well-moderated and fun-to-be platform with Android and iOS apps to access it easily.

Community-driven platformTakes a learning curve to explore communities
Anonymous posting allowed

Try Reddit

7. Cohost

Cohost Twitter Alternative

With a user interface like Twitter, Cohost is another worthy alternative for Twitter users. A major differentiator between the two platforms is that Cohost offers a vertical feed without any algorithm. It means the posts of the users you’re following are shown in chronological order.

Cohost is still in a beta phase, and it might take a day or two to get your account accepted if you are joining without an invitation code. Its creators say that measures has been put in place to prevent spam. The platform is relatively less cluttered as compared to Twitter but offers similar features like posts, likes, retweets, hashtags, and comments. Also, content moderation is managed by the company. As for sensitive content, Cohost recommends adding warnings to posts.

Since there is no algorithm in place, it might be challenging to discover trending posts unless you search for them manually. But it is free to use but offers Cohost Plus subscription for $5 per month to get additional features like increased file upload limit and customization options. Cohost is not a perfect Twitter alternative as of now as it is still in beta phase but it is a platform that offers Twitter like features.

No advertisementsNot all features are available yet
No algorithms for feed

Try Cohost

8. Micro.blog

Micro.blog Twitter alternative

Twitter in essence is a microblogging platform with fancy features and a clean UI. If you want to experience the thrill of expressing more in a limited number of words, then Micro.blog should be your favorite Twitter replacement. With a word limit of 280 characters, Micro.blog is literally your personal micro blog with the option to view and comment on the thoughts of other bloggers. You can share text, photos, and videos on your timeline or choose to keep it private for your own blog.

Micro.blog also allows cross-posting for showing your posts on Twitter. Coming from Twitter, you will find plenty of features missing here. For example, there is no option to like a post because Micro.blog believes in showing gratitude or acknowledgment via writing, no option to see your follower count and the biggest miss is the absence of hashtags. Instead, Micro.blog has a Discover tab to find new people to follow.

Cross-posting from Twitter allowedSubscription-based platform
Customizable blog pages

Try Micro.blog

9. Discord

Discord Twitter alternative

If you are shocked to see Discord on this list, we have a case to make here. Discord is the most popular chat app used by gamers, but it has expanded beyond what it was originally famous for. With community-based servers, Discord has emerged as the latest platform to engage and be updated about the latest news related to your favorite topics.

While Discord and Twitter are miles apart in terms of features, both platforms are great for niche communities. On Discord, you can chat with others using text, audio, or video in real-time, join community servers for discussion, host watch parties, etc.

The user interface of Discord could seem archaic to some, but you can customize it as per your liking. Also, you can access Discord on the go like Twitter using iOS and Android apps on your smartphone. If you are beginning to explore Discord as a Twitter alternative, here are some cool Discord easter eggs that you should try out. Let us know in the comments whether Discord fits in the shoes of Twitter.

More than just a social media platformTailored for streamers and gamers
No scrolling feedInterface might be overwhelming for new users

Try Discord

10. Counter Social

Counter Social Twitter alternative

Counter Social is the best Twitter alternative for those who are looking for something with no ads, no trolls, and enhanced privacy. It is a one-of-a-kind social media platform with unique features. To begin with, Counter Social is operated by the hacktivist “The Jester” and he describes it as a counter to disinformation, foreign influence on social media, and trolls. The user interface of Counter Social is convoluted with vertical tabs on the dashboard. The platform has a character limit of 500 and you can add photos and polls. The dashboard provides you an overview of the activities of your friends.

It is one of the few social media platforms that have deployed AI for content moderation. Other privacy features include a dedicated ‘Private mode’ and self-destructing posts. Counter Social is a new take on social media and that makes it a decent Twitter replacement if you are tired of the whims and fancies of a billionaire changing rules regularly. You can sign up directly on Counter Social for free, but there’s a Pro account subscription for $5/month if you want to access additional features.

No ads or sponsored contentColumn interface could be confusing
Strong suit of content moderation toolsInaccessible at times

Try Counter Social

11. Bastyon

Bastyon Twitter Alternative

Claiming to be the first censorship-resistant social network protocol, Bastyon is based on blockchain technology. The social media site rewards creators for sharing videos in terms of PKOIN. At first glance, Bastyon looks eerily similar to Twitter with side tabs and hashtags.

You can post content, videos, and images and use hashtags for searching purposes. Content has been divided into different categories like Memes, politics, crypto, technology, etc and you can add a tag to your post to demarcate the content into a category.

If you are switching from Twitter, Bastyon will feel like a familiar place. The platform boasts to be censorship-resistant and this is why you might come across some sensitive or questionable content. Therefore, we have featured Bastyon towards the end of this list of best Twitter alternatives.

Open-source & decentralizedInterface glitches sometimes
Community-driven moderation

Try Bastyon

12. T2

12 Best Twitter Alternatives to Use In 2024

As Twitter is losing steam with its subscription-based model for distributing blue ticks, a new competitor named T2 is emerging as a strong Twitter alternative. It is developed by former Google and Twitter employees and aims to reimagine the social media landscape as a “source for up-to-date, short-form information, and friendly conversations.”

As it is today, T2 looks like a stripped-down Twitter and with a much-simplified interface. In the wake of the recent Twitter Blue Tick fiasco, T2 launched a “Get the Checkmark” that will offer a verified status on T2 to those who were ousted from Twitter’s legacy verification program. Currently, you will have to join a waitlist to start using T2 and not much is known of the features of the platform yet. But, it could shape up to be a great Twitter alternative once it rolls out for everyone.

Aethesthetically pleasing interfaceStill in beta phase
No learning curve for Twitter users

Try T2

There are a few social media platforms that come close to Twitter in terms of functionality and features, but the above list could help you begin the journey of transitioning away from Twitter. You can also check out other apps like India’s Koo, WT.Social and Hive Social if you want more options to make the decision. If you believe that we have missed any website which deserves a spot here, do lets us know in the comments.

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  • Joy says:

    Can’t believe spoutible isn’t on the list – I’ve been on it since February

  • Michael says:

    “While the microblogging website is in the process of gaining stability,” this line didn’t age well in just 2 weeks with Elon announcing the rebranding of Twitter as X. Nothing like throwing away 17 years of recognizable branding because some air passed through Elon’s ears.

  • Jack says:

    Um, Spoutible? Several of the others either aren’t remotely similar (Reddit) are a pita to use (Mastodon) or are so obscure as to have no traction whatsoever. Spoutible actually exists. It works pretty well considering how new it is. Its free. Ad-free, troll-free, zero tolerance for hate speech. Its what Twitter should have been.

    • Mariia says:

      Thanks for sharing the info, Jack! I’ll try Spoutible!

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