How to Recalibrate Eye and Hand Tracking on Vision Pro

In Short
  • If you are having trouble with the Vision Pro's eye and hand tracking, you can redo it.
  • To do so, press top left physical button four times -> Using without Optical Inserts -> Redo Eye and Hand Setup.
  • Or, you can press the Digital Crown once -> Settings -> Eyes & Hands -> Redo Eye Setup/Redo Hand Setup.

The Apple Vision Pro requires you to set up your eye and hand tracking during initial setup to work as intended. But, see, if you are using something like the Vision Pro, people around you will be inclined to give it a try as well. And, every time someone other than you puts on the Vision Pro, they either have to set up the eye and hand tracking for them through Guest Mode, or realign the display accordingly and enter your passcode to get through. In the process, it can understandably mess up your tracking. Well, don’t worry, as you can redo your eye and hand tracking on the Vision Pro anytime. Here’s how.

There are two ways to go about redoing the eye and hand tracking on the Vision Pro. I have covered both of these methods. Take a look:

Using Physical Buttons

Since I have contact lenses on instead of Apple’s Optical Inserts, I will show you how to go about this without the inserts. Moreover, if you don’t require glasses at all (ah, I’m jealous), this is the way to go. Also, if for some reason your eye and hand tracking is all over the place and you can’t even get to the Settings panel (we’ll get to this method next), this will be a lifesaver. Here’s a rundown of the steps:

  • Press the top left button on your Vision Pro (not the Digital Crown, which is on the right) four times and that will summon a window.
Apple Vision Pro pressing the top button
  • Select the Using without Optical Inserts option by pressing the Digital Crown button once. If you have ZEISS Optical Inserts with you, choose Pair New Optical Inserts instead. But, like I said, we are selecting the former option here since I don’t have optical inserts with me.
Selecting the Using without Optical Inserts option on Vision Pro
  • You will see a window with the message, Switched to “No Optical Inserts” displayed. Underneath, you will see the option to Redo Eye & Hand Setup. To get to it, scroll clockwise using the Digital Crown button. Again, pinch it once to select.
Selecting Redo Eye and Hand Setup option on Vision Pro
  • That will initiate the hand tracking first and you will be prompted to Look at Your Hands to Set Up. As soon as you do that, you will see the Hand Setup Complete message.
  • Look at Your Hands to Set Up message on Vision Pro
  • Hand Setup Complete message on Vision Pro
  • That takes you to the Eye Setup next and you will see your screen dim down with the Adjusting Lighting message being displayed.
  • In the next series of tracking tests, you will need to look at the dots and use the two-finger pinch gesture to select them. Once done, you will see the Completing Eye Setup progress sphere and that’s it. You’re done with the process.
  • Adjusting Lighting message on Vision Pro
  • Look at the dot and pinch to select it
  • Select multiple dots for setting up eye tracking on Vision Pro
  • Selecting more dots to refine eye tracking on Vision Pro
  • Selecting more dots in brighter lighting on the Vision Pro
  • Completing Eye Setup message on the Vision Pro

Using Settings

If you can make it to the Settings panel, follow these steps to recalibrate hand and eye tracking on Vision Pro:

  • Press the Digital Crown once to summon your Vision Pro’s Home View. From here, go to Settings.
Settings panel in the Vision Pro Home View
  • Next, scroll down in the left panel to find the Eyes & Hands section. Pinch this.
  • At the top here on the right, you will see the Redo Eye Setup and Redo Hand Setup options. Select the one you want to recalibrate. If you want to redo both, then you can do it turn by turn.
Redo eye and hand tracking through the settings on the Vision Pro
  • Then, follow the on-screen instructions to redo your eye and hand tracking on Vision Pro which we showed using the first method.

As you can see, the Settings panel allows you to individually redo the eye or hand tracking. Using the physical buttons will make you redo both of them in one go.

When in the Eyes & Hands Settings panel, you will also be able to specify Hand Input. I’d recommend keeping it at the default Both Hands option. If you scroll down here, you will also find the option to Realign Displays. So, in case you feel that your display alignment is a bit off, you can realign that as well by simply selecting the option and following the on-screen instructions.

Well, that brings us to the end of this guide. However, if you do run into any other issues, do leave a comment down below.

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