This App Brings Netflix to Vision Pro with 4K and Dolby Atmos Support

Supercut app Vision Pro Netflix
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In Short
  • The Supercut app brings Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to Vision Pro.
  • The app supports essential playback controls and allows 4K streaming with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision support.
  • Supercut app is available on the visionOS App Store for $4.99.

The visionOS App Store has a nice selection of apps for Apple Vision Pro users. However, there are still some major players missing from the list, one of the most prominent being Netflix. Last year, Netflix said that it had no plans to come up with a dedicated app for Apple Vision Pro. Unarguably, Apple’s mixed-reality headset is a superb way to watch shows and movies. Therefore, Netflix not coming to Vision Pro was an utter disappointment. Interestingly, things have fallen in favor now.

Enter Christian Privitelli, the 19-year-old Australian developer of the app Supercut, which brings Netflix to Vision Pro. Yes, you’ve heard it right! Supercut is a native visionOS app that brings Netflix and Amazon Prime Video streaming to Apple’s spatial computer.  

Supercut may not be the best way to enjoy Netflix on Vision Pro, but it’s the only way to experience Netflix’s multichannel audio, at least for now. The app offers essential playback controls, like playback speed, audio output, subtitles, and the freedom to skip ahead or back a few seconds. Besides, you can easily switch between different user profiles. On top of it, Supercut also allows 4K streaming with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision support.

In an interview, Christian Privitelli told The Verge that he’s presenting Netflix in a web view. This is something similar used by Christian Selig’s app, Juno for YouTube.

“It basically just overlays native UI on top of the website, and then modifies the website in a way to make it feel more at home on visionOS.”- Christian Privitelli

The app developer also posted on X that he’ll be soon rolling out an updated 1.2 version of Supercut. He further added he has received several requests for Hulu and Peacock as well. However, they both seem to be a challenge as Hulu is integrated into Disney Plus in the US and Peacock isn’t available in Australia. That said, he has plans to integrate Plex in the future.

Well, the Supercut app is surely good news for Vision Pro users who have subscribed to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. The app is available on the visionOS App Store for $4.99. Go ahead, grab Supercut, and enjoy the Hi-Fi spatial Netflix experience on your Vision Pro.

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