Apple Vision Pro Is Causing Vision Woes for Some Users

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In Short
  • According to a report by MarketWatch, some Vision Pro users have been dealing with health issues related to the wearing of the headset.
  • Users have reported headaches, neck pain, black eyes, and other issues.
  • You may experience issues if you're wearing the headset wrong or the fit is too tight. Otherwise, you shouldn't face any severe issues.

Ever since the Apple Vision Pro hit the shelves, it has remained in the news, for all the good and bad reasons. Recently, some Vision Pro users have been dealing with health issues related to the wearing of the headset, according to a report from MarketWatch. The users are complaining about headaches, neck pain, and other issues.

As per the report, one user, Emily Olman, marketing chief of Hopscotch Interactive, even reported that she got “super dark black eyes” after wearing the headset for the first time. She noticed the tightening of the Fit Dial too far which added a lot of weight on her cheeks. Emily admitted that it was a fit issue and went away once she wore the device correctly.

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Another user, Ian Beacraft, CEO of consulting firm Signal, also told MarketWatch that he had to deal with pain at the base of his skull and upper back after wearing Vision Pro.

Well, that’s not all. Several Reddit users also reported ongoing headaches, discomfort, and eye strain due to Vision Pro. Some users also felt that Apple’s Spatial Computer is too heavy for them, and they didn’t like that face-hugging design which is quite uncomfortable. To escape such annoyances, some users switched to modified straps and third-party products.

Apple didn’t comment anything on the customer complaints. Rather, the giant directed MarketWatch to its user guidelines. Yes, Apple has some specific guidelines about using its high-end headset. It recommends users take a break from the headset every 20 to 30 minutes during the adaptation period. Also, if a user feels unwell, he must stop using the headset. Moving on, Apple doesn’t recommend users experiencing headaches, eye strain, or neck pain continue to use the headset.

It’s worth knowing that not all Vision Pro users felt eye strain, discomfort, or other health issues. Some users have absolutely no issues using the Vision Pro for hours with the default band options.

Beebom’s Take

Unarguably, Apple Vision Pro may cause some discomfort since it weighs a hefty 650 grams and has a front-heavy weight distribution. That said, it shouldn’t cause severe issues like headaches and black eyes. One of my colleagues who has used Vision Pro for extended hours has experienced mild issues. However, there wasn’t anything like super dark black eyes or other severe issues.

In case you’re facing severe issues with the Vision Pro, you might be wearing it wrong. Yes, the device is a pretty heavy piece of gear that you wear on your face. The headset applies pressure on the muscles we may never realized existed before. If the fit is too tight, it would apply excessive pressure on the cheeks and squeeze your head unnaturally, which would obviously trigger issues.

When you’re using it for the very first time, there would be a period of adjustment, slight discomfort, or mild issues. Once you get the positioning and the fitting right, you should be sorted.

Have you faced severe issues with your Vision Pro? Don’t forget to share your experiences in the comments below.

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