How Many Volumes Does Chainsaw Man Manga Have?

Chainsaw Man is one of the most exciting manga we have read in recent years. And now that you can watch Chainsaw Man as an anime, the hype around the series is only growing. But if you haven’t read the manga yet, you might have a lot of questions. So, we are here to help you figure out how many volumes the Chainsaw Man manga has and how to read them properly.

Chainsaw Man Manga Volumes (2022)

Our guide features a complete list of the Chainsaw Man’s manga volumes and also answers the most common questions around it. You can use the table below to find an answer to your query.

List of Chainsaw Man Manga Volumes

At the moment, there are 11 volumes of Chainsaw Man manga, which make up the Public Safety Arc (up to Chapter 97). Here’s the complete list:

  • Volume 1 – Dog & Chainsaw
  • Volume 2 – Chainsaw vs. Bat
  • Volume 3 – Kill Denji 
  • Volume 4 – The Gun is Mightier
  • Volume 5 – Minor
  • Volume 6 – Boom Boom Boom
  • Volume 7 – In a Dream
  • Volume 8 – Super Mess 
  • Volume 9 – Bath
  • Volume 10 – A Dog’s Feeling
  • Volume 11 – Good Luck, Chainsaw Man

END of Public Safety Arc

  • Volume 12 – Bird and War

As of October 2022, the 12th volume is getting released as weekly chapters on Shonen Jump, introducing us to yet another horseman after Makima.

Is Chainsaw Man Manga Over?

The Chainsaw Man manga is still ongoing. Right now, it is only in its second arc, and we expect it to continue for at least 4-5 arcs. So, it’s most likely not going anywhere for, at least, a few years.

Does Chainsaw Man Have a 12th Volume?

Volume 12 cover of Chainsaw Man

The 12th volume of Chainsaw Man was officially revealed on October 4, 2022. Since then, its chapters are releasing weekly in Shonen Jump magazine. But it is yet to release as an independent book.

How to Read Chainsaw Man Manga?

If you like to collect manga, you can buy Chainsaw Man’s volumes at most major retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more. Meanwhile, for immediate access, you can officially read Chainsaw Man in the Shonen Jump section of Viz Media’s official website (visit).

Viz releases the English translations of CSM alongside its Japanese version, offering you access to it only for $1.99. Moreover, you get to read the latest three chapters completely free. You can check out other alternatives, i.e. the best manga apps for Android and iPhone, via the linked article.

Not to forget, you can also go the traditional route and read the latest chapters of Chainsaw Man manga as they release weekly in Shonen Jump magazine. Keep in mind that the physical version of this magazine, due to a low number of readers, is no longer in circulation. It is only available digitally.

Explore All Manga Volumes of Chainsaw Man

With that, you are now ready to explore and read all volumes of Chainsaw Man as they come out. But before you do, make your that you are fully familiar with Denji, the protagonist of CSM. We have a dedicated guide covering all aspects of this character. Having said that, which other manga are you reading nowadays? Tell us in the comments below!

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