Chainsaw Man Chapter 161: This Character Finds out Denji’s True Identity

Lately, Chainsaw Man has been on a crazy roll, and by crazy, I mean some extreme levels of crazy. Tatsuki Fujimoto sensei has turned up the heat, with the story becoming absolute nuts and making Denji experience every ounce of pain in this world. However, as previously predicted, Asa Mitaka came to Denji’s rescue at the Tokyo Devil Detention Center. If that wasn’t crazy enough, manga chapter 161 has now revealed Denji’s real identity of being the Chainsaw Man to some unexpected characters.

Spoiler Warning: This article includes heavy spoilers for CSM Chapter 161, so make sure to read the managa to avoid being spoiled.

Do you guys remember that Denji himself told Asa Mitaka a long time ago that he was the Chainsaw Man? She retorted that he was a loser and did not give it any thought. As a result, Asa never actually knew the true man behind the Chainsaw face but maintained her admiration for him.

As seen in Chapter 160, Denji had been punished for turning into Chainsaw Man by his body being dismembered and kept inside separate container boxes.

In Chapter 161, Asa and the others reached the room where Denji was dismembered and decided to reassemble Chainsaw Man’s body parts after learning that he had been ripped to pieces, much like assembling a puzzle.

Everyone had been waiting to see Chainsaw Man’s face, and they were shocked when they opened the package containing it. Asa Mitaka, who was close to him and often referred to as his girlfriend, could not accept the reality after it was revealed that Denji was the Chainsaw Man.

Tatsuki Fujimoto is a genius for hysterically revealing to Asa and others that Denji, who was always in plain sight, is actually the chainsaw devil. In a way, this reminded me a lot of the “What is in the Box” scene from my favorite Se7en film, but in a twisted manner.

As expected, Yoru switched to Asa Mitaka, who was absolutely shocked by this revelation. Moreover, now that Quanxi (one of the strongest Chainsaw Man characters) is joining the fun, things are going to go berzerk in the upcoming chapters. That said, what do you think is going to happen in the next chapter? Let us know in the comments below.

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