Chainsaw Man Chapter 156: Who Is the Mysterious Character at the End?

In Short
  • A close-up shot of a mysterious character was teased at the end of chapter 156 of the Chainsaw Man manga.
  • This has sent fans into a frenzy, debating which character will be the one to save Denji from his current suffering.
  • The fanbase is torn between the mysterious character being Asa Mitaka, the War Devil, or Reze, the Bomb Devil.

Unlike the first part of the Chainsaw Man manga, the second part has a bit of ups and downs when it comes to storytelling. However, based on the recent chapters, and especially chapter 156, we can see that Chainsaw Man is ready to pull fans back in with gore and hopefully some intense action.

Right now, it looks like CSM author Tatsuki Fujimoto shares a common ground with Gege Akutami (author of Jujutsu Kaisen), as both continue to lacerate their fans’ hearts with indomitable suffering. Right now, Denji is heading towards yet another excruciating period of his life, but there is a savior around the corner.

Spoiler Warning: This articles includes heavy spoilers from the Chainsaw Man manga, make sure you’ve read up to the latest chapter.

The final panel of chapter 156 in the Chainsaw Man manga reveals to us a mysterious character who is at the scene to save Denji from his suffering. But is it really the bombshell that we think it is? Or is it truly war at the enemy’s doorstep? Let’s discuss and find out who is the mysterious character who shows up in the final panel.

Did Lady Reze Make a Comeback in CSM Chapter 156?

As Denji breaks the golden rule of not turning into the Chainsaw Man in Chapter 151, he is facing consequences from the Public Safety team. He is being held at the Tokyo Devil Detention Center, where no devil has been successfully able to pull off a “prison break.” He has been ordered to be dismembered, as we see him lose both of his legs in chapter 156. Fujimoto likes to gather all the suffering, double it, and give it to our boy, Denji, time and time again.

At the end of the chapter, it is mentioned that it would take a “war” to compromise the detention center’s safety with a close-up shot of a character’s legs.

Now, the question is – who is this character who is set to wage war against the Public Safety Devil Hunters to rescue Denji? The fandom has been split into two, with one side saying that the much-loved Bomb Devil Reze is finally back to save Denji, and the others believe it’s the War Devil aka Asa or Yoru. The former is already set to star in her own movie, Chainsaw Man: Reze Arc, releasing very soon.

Which One of Denji’s Romantic Interests Will Save Him?

The last time we saw Reze was when she was a part of Makima’s Special Division 5. We have been constantly made to believe that she is no more by Fujimoto sensei, only to see her come back from the dead. As [SPOILER] was finally confirmed dead, Reze was able to regain her former self after being released. So, we know she is alive and well somewhere, and this could be the perfect time to come back and save her crush.

However, the final line of the chapter highlights an important piece of information regarding the mysterious character waiting in the front. As mentioned earlier, it was stated that “it would take a war to compromise this facility’s safety.” The mention of war hints at the return of Asa Mitaka or Yoru, which would also make perfect sense. Go through our ranked list of the strongest Chainsaw Man devils as you mull over these facts and our analysis.

Reze in season 1 of CSM anime
Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man by MAPPA Studios (X/@Chainsaw_EN)

But, some Chainsaw Man fans, including me and my Editor, believe that it could be Lady Reze. We can see a brief explosion (one that woke up Denji) at a faraway building on the first page. Also, with the little information shown about the hidden character, fans are calling it an uncanny resemblance to the Reze character’s legs with those socks and shoes.

While this sounds like we are reaching for clues when there are none, fans have been waiting with bated breath for Reze’s return. However, the clear mention of war in the dialogue points towards Asa being the savior, and I believe this could be the plausible answer.

Well, only Fujimoto sensei knows the answer for now, and we will likely learn who it is in the next CSM chapter, which is set to release on March 5. However, in the meantime, who do you think is this mysterious character who appears at the end? Do let us know your analysis in the comments below.

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