Chainsaw Man ‘Reze Arc’ Movie Announced: Check out the Details

chainsaw man the movie reze arc poster
In Short
  • Chainsaw Man - The Movie: Reze Arc announced by MAPPA Studios with a key visual and teaser.
  • The release date for the Reze arc movie has not been revealed just yet.
  • This movie will focus on the mysterious girl, Reze, who we see in the Chainsaw Man Season 1 finale.

The finale of Chainsaw Man’s first season was released at the end of 2022 with a post-credits scene that introduced us to a new character. Ever since then, the fans have been waiting to hear about the second season of Chainsaw Man. But surprise-surprise, we are not getting a second season. Instead, MAPPA Studios has announced Chainsaw Man The Movie: Reze Arc at Jump Festa 2024 today.

Chainsaw Man – The Movie: Reze Arc Official Teaser Released

Yeah, the next big announcement related to Chainsaw Man comes in the form of a canon movie that will center around the mysterious girl shown in the Season 1 finale, and she’s called Reze. Check out the official key visual for the upcoming movie.

The first season of Chainsaw Man concluded with the adaptation of the Katana Man arc (up to the 39th chapter of the manga). The next in line is a shorter arc titled “Bomb Girl” (chapters 40–52). Hence, seeing its length, MAPPA Studios decided to adapt this arc as a standalone movie instead of a complete season, which makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? This way, CSM fans can enjoy the blazing action scenes on a bigger screen along with fellow fanatics.

Currently, there is no information on an official release date for the Chainsaw Man Reze arc movie. However, alongside the key visual, a teaser video has been released on MAPPA’s channel, so have a look:

As a hardcore CSM manga fan, I can assure you that this movie will become an instant blockbuster. This is unlike what we’ve seen in the first season, and we all know Denji and his hopeless heart. That aside, the teaser looks phenomenal, giving us a glimpse of our mysterious girl along with our bratty protagonist, Denji.

Reze, for those interested, will be voiced by Reina Ueda (known for voicing Kanao in Demon Slayer, Ruri in Dr Stone, Kisa in Fruits Basket, and more). Recently, we learned that she has been cast for the Solo Leveling anime and will be voicing the Cha Hae-In.

Story of Chainsaw Man – The Movie: Reze Arc

Well, if you want to learn a little about what the movie will have in store for us, here is the official plot of the Bomb Girl arc:

Denji encounters a new romantic interest who turns out to have a more explosive side than he anticipated – CSM Wiki

MAPPA Studios has been busy with many other projects, such as JJK, Vinland Saga, Hells Paradise, and more. While the fans were eagerly looking forward to the announcement of the next season, the movie comes as a pleasant surprise. Following Demon Slayer’s lead, this is a smart move by MAPPA to capitalize on the hype of Chainsaw Man.

We will share more details once we learn the release date for different regions, so stay tuned. We are super excited to see Denji and his romantic side on the big screen, but are you?

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