How to Make a Private Story on Snapchat

Some moments are not meant to be shared with everyone, and Snapchat understands that. To help users share personal moments with close friends, the company has long offered a cool Private Story feature. In this article, we will go through the steps you need to follow to create private Snapchat Stories. We will show you how to set up the Private Story feature and make Snaps for close friends on Snapchat.

Make a Private Story on Snapchat (2022)

Alongside the method to create a private Snapchat Story, we have also detailed how it differs from regular Snapchat Stories and how you can leave a Private Story in case someone added you. Read on till the end to learn everything you need to know about how to use Private Stories on Snapchat.

Snapchat Story and Private Story: How Do They Differ?

Snapchat Stories vs Private Stories

Before we get to the steps involved in making a Private Story, it is important to understand the difference between Private Stories and regular Snapchat Stories. As the name should tell, Private Stories are meant to be viewed by your close friends or anyone you choose, as opposed to normal Stories where all your connections can view your Stories by default.

In addition, Private Stories on Snapchat will have a lock icon at the bottom around the purple ring, while regular Stories will have just the purple ring around it. Apart from these fundamental differences, both of these features are similar when it comes to how they work behind the scenes.

How to Set up and Create Private Snapchat Story

1. Open Snapchat and tap your profile icon at the top-left corner of the screen. From your profile page that appears, press the “+ Private Story” button to the right of the “My Stories” section.

create new private story snapchat

2. Pick the contacts you would like to include in your Private Story group and tap the “Create Story” button. You will then be asked to name the Story. Enter your desired name and tap “Save” to get started with your new Private Story.

pick contacts and name snapchat story

3. After creating and naming your Private Story, you will see the option to add Snaps to it under the “My Stories” section. Tap on “Add to <Private Story name>” to add Snaps to your Private Story.

add to your private story

4. After clicking the picture or video, press “Send” to add it to your Private Story. You can check your Private Stories later from your profile screen, as shown in the image below:

snap preview

How to Delete a Private Story on Snapchat

1. To delete a Snap from your Private Story, tap on the Snap you wish to remove and tap the vertical three dots menu icon at the top-right corner of the screen.

delete posted story

2. Now, tap “Delete” from the pop-up menu and confirm your action by tapping “Delete” again in the prompt that appears on the screen.

confirm deleting posted snap

3. If you are no longer interested in posting a Private Story, you can choose to delete the section. Here’s how: Tap the horizontal three-dots menu next to your Private Story’s name and select “Delete Story” from the menu.

delete private story section

4. When the confirmation prompt appears, tap “Delete” to delete your Private Story. As the company points out, you can’t post to Private Story after you delete it unless you create a new Private Story again. Furthermore, existing Snaps will get deleted when you perform this action.

confirm deleting private story section

How to Leave Private Story on Snapchat

Annoyed by a distant acquaintance’s private stories on Snapchat? You can choose to leave them. All you have to do is long-press the person’s Private Story and tap “Leave Story” from the pop-up menu. While Snapchat won’t notify the person you left the Story, they are likely to eventually know when they don’t see your name in the viewer list. If the person adds you again, you can press the “Block Story” button to prevent that from happening in the future.

leave private story

Frequenty Asked Questions

Will other people know I made a private story on Snapchat?

No, not everyone in your contacts list will know you have created a private story. Only the people you add to your private story on Snapchat will know about its existence. They can see your private stories by tapping on stories with a lock icon at the bottom of the purple ring.

Can somebody see if I join their private story on Snapchat?

Yes, if you see a person’s private story, they will know that you have viewed their story from the viewer’s list – much like the regular Stories you post on your account.

Does Snapchat notify anyone when you leave a private story?

To leave a private story, you need to long-press the person’s Private Story and tap “Leave Story” from the pop-up menu. While Snapchat won’t notify the person you left the Story, they are likely to eventually find out when they don’t see your name in the viewer list.

Can I add more people to my existing Private Story?

Yes, you can always add more friends or loved ones to your private story. You simply need to head to your profile page and tap on the three-dot icon next to the private story. Then, tap “See Viewers”, and on the next screen, add more people to the private story from your contacts list on Snapchat.

Share Personal Updates with Friends using Private Stories

Snapchat’s Private Stories is a handy feature for those who want to take control of their privacy and share life updates only with their close friends or loved ones. With Private Stories, you can share small wins and experiences in life with those who matter to you the most. It is a cool feature, which Instagram has since replicated in the form of Close Friends. Having said that, you can always create a public profile on Snapchat if you are a budding influencer looking to build a following.

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