How to Make Money Fast In Starfield

Money makes the world go around, and this especially applies to the world of Starfield. While the core gameplay of Bethesda’s space RPG involves exploration and completing questlines, it also involves splurging money into upgrading a spaceship, your dream home, and items. Unfortunately, you’ll quickly realize that money runs out in the blink of an eye. Be it buying ammos, changing parts to increase storage, or outright buying better ships, everything requires credits. So, you need to know the best ways to make money fast in Starfield.

In this article, we will look at some methods you can use to make quick money in Starfield. So, if you happen to run out of it frequently, you can recoup some of that cost through these methods.

1. Sell Contrabands at Appropriate Places

The Den Location Starfield

Illicit activities will always have a place in the human world. After all, not everything is glamorous. And, by the looks of it, Starfield has its fair share of illicit activities, like smuggling contraband. While you can ignore smuggling at the behest of ignoring headaches during cargo scans, contraband is the best way to make large amounts of money in Starfield.

So, if you run into a box of harvested organs or aurora during your space adventures, ensure you grab it and sell it off. But, before you do that, ensure you have prepared your ship to carry contraband. Thankfully, we made a handy guide that includes every small detail about smuggling and selling contraband in Starfield.

2. Sell off Junk Items in Your Inventory

If you are a loot goblin like me, you probably pick every item on a planet and add it to your inventory. While we cannot dismantle junk and use it to create items as we could in Fallout 4, you can make money from it in Starfield. Trade Authority locations and even Trade Authority kiosks will gladly help you part away with your junk items. So, if you have items in your miscellaneous inventory, sell them off.

3. Complete Missions from Mission Board

While Starfield features numerous activities, side quests, and a long main quest, you can still take up different odd jobs to earn additional money. In various settlements, you will find a mission board.

This mission board provides limited tasks involving quests ranging from delivery to giving a lift to settlement denizens from one point to another. Additionally, these jobs are generally high-paying. We are talking about earning not less than 1300 credits for one job. Hence, if you are short on credits, take up some missions and get your bank balance up again.

4. Loot Dead Bodies in Starfield for Money

If everything else fails, you can always fall back to looting dead bodies of Spacers and Crimson Fleet members. It is a self-descriptive process and looting bodies always give you three digits worth of currency. Since your enemies are unable to use them, why not take them and use them yourself?

5. Create an Outpost in Starfield

Finally, making outposts on a resource-rich planet is another way to make money in a non-hostile way. The game features a robust outpost-building system, where you can automate the extraction and selling of materials on that planet.

Set your base on a habitable planet, create some extractors & storage units, and assign one of your Starfield companions to the outpost. The process is the best way of earning a lateral source of credits in-game. Furthermore, while the game allows you to create a maximum of eight outposts, you can increase their number by upgrading your skill points.

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