How to Make a Cauldron in Minecraft

In Short
  • To make a cauldron in Minecraft, you'll need seven iron ingots and a crafting table or crafter.
  • The crafting recipe looks like an upside-down iron leggings recipe.
  • You can also find a cauldron in many structures like the witch hut, trail ruins, igloos, woodland mansions and villages.

Blocks in Minecraft usually have one and only one purpose. But sometimes you come across blocks that are multipurpose and are essential to have in your inventory. The cauldron is one such block in Minecraft. You can interact with the cauldron without the UI present and can be used as an amazing block in your house builds. Now, if we have your attention, stick around as we explain how you can make a cauldron in Minecraft.

Resources You Need to Make a Cauldron

The crafting recipe for the cauldron is pretty simple and only requires two ingredients, which are:

  • 7 Iron Ingots
  • Crafting Table (or Crafter)

Iron ingots are basic items you can find in loot chests across plenty of the game’s structures or get them by smelting raw iron in a furnace or a blast furnace. Since iron ingots are an ingredient in so many crafting recipes, we recommend making an iron farm, so you’ll never run out of iron.

The crafting table is a simple utility block that includes a 3 x 3 crafting grid. Though, if you’d like to get fancy, you can automate the crafting process with a crafter. It’s a special version of the crafting table that only supports automated crafting using redstone power.

Cauldron Crafting Recipe in Minecraft

After you get your iron ingots and a crafting block of your choice, let’s see how to make a cauldron in Minecraft.

  • First things first, place a crafting table or the crafter in your world and access it by using the secondary action button or right-click.
  • Then, place three iron ingots and completely fill the bottom row of the grid.
  • After that, fill the left and right columns with iron ingots.
  • The configuration should look like the alphabet U made with ingots.
  • Now, the cauldron will appear on the right, and you can drag it to your inventory.

But if you are using a crafter, you will need to power it with redstone signal using a lever, button, or any other redstone power source.

Where Can You Find a Cauldron in Minecraft

If you’re not doing good with your iron supply, you can also just find a naturally generated cauldron in your world. Here are all of those locations:

  • Witch Hut in Swamp Minecraft Biomes
  • Igloo Basement in Snowy Slopes, Snowy Plains, and Snowy Taiga Biomes
  • Woodland Mansions in Dark Oak Forests
  • Leather Worker Houses in Villages
  • Trail Ruins

Cauldon is a block with many interesting uses, and we focus on every single one in a separate guide linked here. Well, that’ll do for now. The knowledge of how to make a cauldron in Minecraft is pretty handy, as you’ll need this block sooner or later. Now don’t waste any time and go make the cauldron in your world right away.

Can you find a cauldron in every village?

No, you cannot. Whether the leather worker house will generate or not is uncertain. You may find two or even three of these houses in one village and none in the other.

How do you make a water cauldron?

You can only craft a regular empty cauldron, but you can later fill it with various liquids like water.

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