How to Get Starborn Ship and Armor in Starfield

Starborns are groups of enemies you meet mid-way during your Starfield playthrough. Right after you finish the High Price to Pay mission, you are introduced to their menacing demeanor, and you’ll also come across them multiple times during your journey. While you would not want to fight them often, you might take an interest in Starborn’s spacesuit and spaceship. After all, they look edgy, elegant, and better than most items in Starfield.

When you take down Starborn members, you will see them vaporize in thin air. Furthermore, you cannot steal their spaceship. And even if you do manage to damage a Starborn spaceship, they will be locked. So, how do you get these two items? That is what we have answered in this article. Shockingly, the answer’s obvious and unfortunate. That said, learn how you can get the Starborn ship and armor in Starfield.

Steps to Get Starfield Starborn Ship and Armor

Spoiler Warning: This section includes spoilers for the Starfield story, its final mission and ending, and other characters in the game, so proceed at your own discretion.

There’s only one way to get the Starborn ship and armor, and that’s after finishing one complete playthrough of Starfield. This ties into the final main mission and storyline of Starfield, where you become a Starborn in the end. To accompany you on your journey through the multiverse, you get the Starborn armor and Starborn guardian, which is the spaceship, as a reward.

Both of these items are given to you after starting the New Game Plus playthrough. We have written a detailed article explaining how the NG+ mode in Starfield works, so read it if you are curious to learn how it works. However, do keep in mind that it contains the end-game spoiler.

To learn the Starborn ship and armor location, this is the only fair way to get these items in-game. Of course, you can always use console commands and spawn in a Starborn spacesuit and spaceship. However, I will never suggest doing it unless you know what you are doing.

Another thing is that instinctively you would first attempt to take out a Starborn spaceship and steal one for yourself. However, the game knows that you will try doing it. That is why Starborn encounters are tough-as-nails. Still, as mentioned above, even if you manage to take out their ship, you won’t be able to access them either, wasting your efforts.

Additionally, shooting and killing a Starborn makes them vanish in thin air. This means you can’t even loot their dead bodies. Hence, the only option is to finish the game and start a new NG+ playthrough in Starfield.

Starfield Starborn Armor Stats

The first of the two things you receive when you start the New Game Plus run is the Starborn armor. This is a complete armor set, meaning you cannot mix and match different pieces of the helmet and boost pack. It provides 149 damage against the enemies and 50 protection against every single elemental damage.

You start your first Starfield new game with the Starborn Astra armor. Subsequent NG+ runs will not only change the armor design but also change its properties. Here are the different armors you get in each New Game Plus playthrough:

  • NG+ 1: Starborn Astra
  • NG+ 2: Starborn Materia
  • NG+ 3: Starborn Locus
  • NG+ 4: Starborn Tenebris
  • NG+ 5: Starborn Solis
  • NG+6: Starborn Gravitas
  • NG+ 7: Starborn Bellum
  • NG+8: Starborn Tempus
  • NG+ 9: Starborn Avitus
  • NG+ 10: Starborn Venator

Starborn Guardian Ship Stats

The second thing you receive after finishing Starfield and starting NG+ is the Starborn Guardian spaceship. It is a singular chamber ship with no additional rooms or space. However, it has 950 storage units and allows up to five crew members inside.

Additionally, Starborn Guardian comes with a great selection of weapons and travel systems in Starfield. Furthermore, you get a different Starborn Guardian, denoted by a number, with each successive NG+ run. While visually, it’s the same ship, its properties and systems are better than its predecessor. Here are the ship’s primary stats:

Cargo1140 (150 shielded)
Jump Range30 LY
Ship ClassA

And that is how you can get yourself a Starborn ship and armor in Starfield. Did you get yourself one? How has your end-game experience been? Let us know in the comments below.

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