Google Camera has single-handedly revolutionized smartphone photography and has brought powerful camera capabilities to budget Android devices. If you don’t own a Pixel, GCam Mod is the best shot to get the latest camera goodies from Google. So in line with our effort to bring the GCam to non Pixel devices, this article compiles the latest Google Camera 7.0 mods for the majority of devices. Also, we have mentioned how to install the APK and enable Astrophotography mode in simple steps. So without further delay, let’s find out how to get Google Camera 7.0 on any Android device.

Get Google Camera 7.0 APK for Your Android Device

Before we get to our tutorial, we need to discuss some points that you should keep in mind before downloading the GCam 7.0 apk for your smartphone.

Few Points to Keep in Mind

  • Your Android device must have Camera2API support to run the latest GCam 7.0. To check the compatibility, download the Camera2 API Probe app (Free) and open it. If it shows “LIMITED”, “FULL” or “LEVEL_3” then you are good to go. If it shows “LEGACY” then you can follow our guide and learn how to root and enable Camera2API on your smartphone.
  • As it’s with all GCams, some features might work on one device and may not work on the other. So, you will have to use the XML Config files to get the optimal result. I have mentioned below how to apply XML files on devices where it’s applicable so follow the instructions to get the best result.
  • On some devices, you don’t need to use XML files as the APK is already optimized for the particular device. However, if the download page mentions anything about Configs then download the XML file and apply them.
  • I have provided GCam APKs for several devices based on the hardware and developer support. Hopefully, the APKs should work on most of the devices. If your device is not listed below, do comment down below and we will find a suitable GCam 7.0 APK for your smartphone.

Download Google Camera 7.0 APK for Your Device

Most of the GCam 7 APKs mentioned here are developed by Urnyx05, BSG, Parrot043, Arnova8G2, wyroczen and more. So huge props to them for developing stable Google Camera mods for a range of devices. Also, the APKs are based on Google Camera 7.2 and the latest 7.3 so you get all the modern features of Pixel devices. Now without any delay, let’s move to the list.

Install Google Camera 7.0 on Any Android Device

1. Download the particular Google Camera 7.0 APK for your device from the links in the above section and install it on your device.

2. It may block the installation since the APK has been downloaded from a third-party source. However, to continue, tap on “Allow” and proceed with the installation.

Install Google Camera 7.0 on Any Android Device

3. That’s it. Now open Google Camera and you should be greeted in the new GCam 7.0 interface.

Install Google Camera 7.0 on Any Android Device

How to Apply XML Config File on Google Camera 7 APK

1. After you are done installing the GCam 7 APK, download the XML config file and locate it through a file manager. Most probably, it should be in the “Downloads” folder. Now, move the XML file and paste it into the GCam -> Configs7 folder on your internal storage. If the directory is not available then create a GCam folder and then make a Configs7 folder inside the GCam folder. Now, you can move the XML file.

apply xml file on gcam 7.0 apk

2. Next, open Google Camera and double-tap anywhere on the black bar around the shutter button. A dialog box will appear. Here, select the XML config file that you just moved into the Configs7 folder from the drop-down menu. Finally, tap on the “Restore” button. Now the XML configurations will be instantly applied and you should get the best working GCam.

apply xml file on gcam 7.0 apk

Enable Astrophotography Mode

1. On some devices, the astrophotography mode may not work out of the box. So to enable it manually, swipe down on the viewfinder and tap on the “Settings gear” icon. After that, scroll down and go to “About”.

Enable Astrophotography Mode

2. Here, open the “Advanced Settings” and then search for “cuttle”. Make sure, these flags are turned on.

Enable Astrophotography Mode 2

3. Now, if you switch to the Night Sight mode, it will prompt you to activate the astrophotography mode. However, keep in mind, you will need a tripod and a dark place to activate this feature. If you have a steady hand or can place the device on a stable surface then you can do away with the tripod.

Take Stunning Photos with the New Google Camera 7.0 Mod

So that was our article on the new Google Camera 7.0 and how you can install it on your device. We have provided download links for devices that have better compatibility with GCam mods along with continued developer support. However, you can definitely try these APKs for other devices as well. Anyway, that is all from us. If the new Google Camera 7.0 is working on your device then let us know in the comment section below and do mention your device.


  1. Hi
    I own a honor 10 lite and I want to install gcam
    My phone name is not listed in the links. In camera 2 API it shows limited. What should I do?

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    Each iteration of the APK installs but whenever I open the app, it closes and gives me an error saying the app keeps closing.
    Is there a fix or alternate way of installing this? It worked great on my Realme device.

  6. Unfortunately after 1 day I am dissapointed after checking the video information and settings. It doesn’t have 4k video format 60 fps, no HEVC 265, and it is just 1080p format 33.3 fps, and also no stabilization at all in both formats despite the settings in the Gcam menu.
    According some sites version Gcam 7.3 would be perfectly working on Android 10 phones like my Realme 3 Pro. Unfortunately that isn’t the case. Could you please inform me if this is true?

  7. Unfortunately after 1 day installing and trying things out I have the following experiences. After checking the video information and settings. It doesn’t have 4k video format 60 fps, no HEVC 265, and it is just 1080p format 33.3 fps, and also no stabilization at all in both formats despite the settings in the Gcam menu.
    According some sites I have installed, version Gcam 7.3 which would be perfectly working on Android 10 phones like my Realme 3 Pro. Unfortunately that isn’t the case. I also don’t have the “Unknown Sources” feature in my Realme Pro under “Security” in settings. However the app is installed perfectly. Could you please inform me if you have other experiences, because the expectations were very good?

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  9. Hi Arjun sha,
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  26. Hi sir
    I have realme 5 pro, after creating the gcam folder and configs7 inside it and pasting the XML file, when tapping twice on the black part nothing happened. How to resolve this problem.

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    Also I have downloaded the latest version of camera apk which doesn’t have config file then what should I use the config file the previous version one?

  32. I downloaded .apk file from the link above for poco f1. Whenever i open the app its shows something like AF mode: continuous_picture stae: passive_foccused ( sometimes it shows inactive). Is there any error in it? How to download xml file as mentioned above in the article?

    • It’s normal and you don’t need to apply any config file for the Poco F1. By the way, you can disable the on-screen data from GCam Settings. Disable the toggle for “Remove AF data from the screen” and you are done.