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How to Install Google Camera Mod on Any Android Phone

Smartphone cameras have come a long way over the last few years, and even budget phones these days have cameras that are pretty good. You can capture some likable pictures with a sub-Rs 15,000 smartphone today. However, if you are using phones other than the Google Pixel smartphones, which have been touted to have the best smartphone camera by many, you would have noticed that picture quality on other smartphones (even some flagships) isn’t even as comparable. Fortunately, the image quality can be vastly improved by using a different camera app than the default one which comes baked into the device. Yeah, I’m talking about the Google Camera Mod (better known as GCam Mod or GCam port) that’s quite often talked about and does, in fact, make a noticeable difference to the image output of your smartphone camera.

So, if you’re wondering how to install the GCam Mod on your Android smartphone, we have you covered with this in-depth guide.


Before you can install the GCam Mod on your phone, there are a couple of things you need to check:

  • Support for Camera2 API (we’ll talk about Camera2 API later in this article).
  • If Camera2 API is not supported, you’ll need to enable it on your phone (we’ll discuss that later as well).
  • GCam Mod APK (you guessed it, we’ll discuss that later, too)
  • You’ll also need patience.

What Exactly is Camera2 API?

Camera2 API is a framework that allows developers to obtain access to granular camera controls such as exposure, focus, or ISO, which they can then bake into their third-party apps in the form of advanced features to offer Android users an improved picture-taking experience. This API is a successor to Android’s original camera API and utilizes a pipeline model, permitting developers to gain direct access to camera hardware.

The third-party developers can use the Camera2 API to enable full manual control over your phone’s sensor, lens, and flash to provide better frame rates (30 fps burst mode), RAW capture support, HDR+ controls and other smart features. Google Camera utilizes some complex algorithms and AI functions in its app to capture some stunning photos. Here are all the camera controls that Camera2 API offers:

camera2 api controls

Well, I hate to break it to you, but the Camera2 API was originally introduced four years ago at Google I/O 2014 alongside the debut of Android 5.0 Lollipop. It’s been quite long since the Camera2 API made its debut but not all phone makers, even today, have implemented the same on their devices.

Many flagship and mid-range smartphones now do come baked with the Camera2 API, however, it’s not necessary that it’s enabled by default. Some phone makers are using some Camera2 API capabilities to offer manual controls, filters support, and other nifty features to users but the complete support is still missing on a large section of phones.

In case you’re wondering if your Android phone supports the Camera2 API or not, then here’s a nifty method to check the same:

How to Check if Your Phone Supports Camera2 API

To see whether any of your Android smartphones support the Camera2 API, you simply need to install the Camera2 API Probe app (Free) from the Play Store. Simply install the app and launch it.

How to Install Google Camera Mod on Any Android Phone
Camera2 Probe results for ZenFone Max Pro M1 (left) and Nokia 7 Plus (right)

As you can see in the screenshot above, the Camera2 API Probe app lists the “Hardware Support Level” for both the rear and front cameras with the Camera ID being 0 and 1 respectively. It shows information about the Camera2 API capabilities which are supported by your Android smartphone and here’s the meaning for each of the camera levels:

  • LEGACY: These Android phones support only Camera1 API. No Camera2 API features are made available here.
  • LIMITED: These phones support some, but not all, Camera2 API capabilities.
  • FULL: These phones (including the Poco F1) support all of the major capabilities of the Camera2 API.
  • LEVEL_3: These devices support YUV reprocessing and RAW image capture, along with additional output stream configurations.

This means the ZenFone Max Pro M1 does not include Camera2 API support and support for the same will need to be enabled before installing the Google Camera Mod, whereas Nokia 7 Plus is ‘Level_3 compliant’ and the modded camera app can directly be installed on this smartphone.

How to Enable Camera2 API

If your phone has the Camera2 API enabled, you’re pretty much set. However, if your phone doesn’t support the Camera2 API, don’t worry, because you can enable Camera2 API on your own by rooting your device, and editing the “build.prop” file on your phone, or using Magisk to enable Camera2 API. Whichever way you choose is up to you, and we’ll explain both the processes to some extent here itself.

Note: Rooting an Android device isn’t a very difficult task, but it is very device dependent which is why it’s not feasible to explain it in detail here. We’d recommend you to head over to XDA and search for rooting guides for your smartphone for a detailed, step-by-step tutorial.

Editing build.prop

If you want to edit the build.prop and not use the Magisk module, all you need to do is download the BuildProp Editor app (free).

  • Launch the app, and give it root permissions. Then, tap on the edit icon.

buildprop editor grant su edit

  • At the end of the build.prop file, enter the following line, and then tap on the save icon.

How to Install Google Camera Mod on Any Android Phone

  • Simply restart your phone, and the Camera2 API should be enabled now.

Using a Magisk Module

There’s a Magisk Module that you can also use to enable Camera2 API on your phone. The module, called ‘Camera2API enabler‘ is available via XDA, and you can simply install it on your phone using the Magisk Manager, and it’ll enable the Camera2 API for you.

How to Install Google Camera Mod on Your Android Phone

Once you’ve enabled the Camera2 API on your phone, or if you’ve skipped all those things because your phone already has the Camera2 API enabled, you just have to install the Google Camera Mod on your phone.

Choosing the mod perfect for your phone is a little bit of a trial and error kind of deal, but you can head over to this website and check out the available Google Camera mods for your phone. For the most part, if developers like Arnova8G2 are developing a mod for your phone, it should be the best one out there.

Note: If you’re unable to figure out the best Google Camera Mod for your phone, just comment down below, and we’ll guide you personally.

1. Realme

2. Xiaomi

3. Asus

4. Nokia

5. OnePlus

6. Samsung

  • Samsung Galaxy A71 (Download)
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite (Download)
  • Galaxy S9, S9+, S10, S10+ Exynos variant (download)
  • Galaxy S8 Series Exynos variant (Download)
  • Galaxy Note 10, Note 10+ Exynos Variant (Download, you can try this GCam APK for other Exynos-based devices as well)
  • Galaxy Note 9 Exynos variant (Download)
  • Galaxy S10, S10+ Snapdragon Variant (Download)
  • Galaxy Note 10, Note 10+ Snapdragon Variant (Download)

7. Motorola

8. Others

What Difference Does the GCam Mod Make?

If you’re wondering what difference the Google Camera Mod can make, we have a video on smartphone photography tips where we show how the Google Camera Mod can improve your phone’s picture quality. Plus, it’ll bring features like Night Sight to your phone as well, depending on whether or not the developer has implemented those features yet.

Take Better Pictures with Google Camera on Any Android Phone

So that ends our guide on how to install the Google Camera mod on any Android phone. Hopefully, you were able to get the Google Camera mod running on your phone without too much of a hassle. However, if you run into any problems, just comment down below and we’ll try to help you out for sure.


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  34. Your comment is awaiting moderation
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  35. Hi, My mobile is Redmi 8. I’ve checked cam2api status which is lvl 3 on my mobile. So i directly installed the version which is recommended above for my device. But when I’m launching the app it was failing after opening and Saying that ” camera keeps stopping , Send a report to mi analysis ” like that. Can u please help me out ?.

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    1. need to comment that 2 of the camera sensors are level 3 and the rest are full level, but havent been able to figure out which are which (both of them show support for 4k video and are the only 2 to show that, rest support 1080 video.)
      btw gcam app i downloaded for the specific device crashes on start, so i got entagled in this search for camera2api. If the crashing is not related and i am wasting my and your time, since it has level 3 support for some sensors please let me know, and i will just wait for a newer version or a different version.

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    1. HDR + mode should be off while taking photos with front camera. Now front camera will work.

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    1. Hey Aman, why don’t you check out this Gcam mod (link here). I believe it should work on the Moto One Action but don’t forget to load the config file. All steps are listed in the link provided. Hope this was helpful 🙂

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  79. Hey team…
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  95. Hello dear,
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    Rimi Khatun.

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    1. Hey, it’s available. Just join telegram and detach and subscribe to a channel named “le2 x52x”. They post everything about your phone and has a best gcam for le2 s2.

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    1. Did you enable camera2 API?
      If not then head over to YouTube where you can search for enabling camera2api for max M1. You will find many results.
      Then head over to the XDA page where there is a special port for the Max Pro M1 Google camera.

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  122. I have moto g5s plus which apk i should download which allow me to capture better portrait shots…

  123. Sir I can’t enable it through build.prop.. it is showing your phone is not rooted and error opening file. Please guide me

  124. I have Nokia 5.1 plus. As it run on mediatek processor I was able to install gcam. Is there any way I can install gcam? After updating it to pie stock camera got many manual controls like shutter speed, iso, etc. Even it has manual controls like that camera2api is not enable.

  125. I need help to understand why is that camera 2API is important to download and after downloading it what to do and how to get Google cam mod for my phone it is “Moto E3 power”

  126. My mobile is oneplus 5T and it supports camera2Api.But,i couldn’t figure out which google camera mod to download.could you help me regarding this.

  127. Lg q6+ is level 3 but i’am unable to find perfect mod apk the apk does not install in my phone can you tell the developer to built a mod for lg q6+ it is currently running on 8.1.0

  128. I followed the same procedure as told but when it came the time to install it the screen says not installed I’m using Honor 7C also check with the camera probe which is clear please help me with this……#Beebom

    1. Hey Akhil, Did You Found Any Solution For 7c, if Yes Then Please Let Me Know. I Also Have 7c. Thanks

  129. For honor6x the camera2 API probe app shows limited. Should i directly download gcam mod?. And please provide the link for honor 6x gcam!

  130. I have redmi note 6 pro. Still no one providing us better gcam. Hope beebom will help us out

  131. need help
    gcam for moto g4 plus
    its running on arrow os (9.0) x64
    i tried like 4 to 5 but most of them output green screens or just crash

  132. I’m using Motorola One Power and it has a lvl 3 compliance to camera 2 API.
    Is my phone compatible to Google Camera Mod?
    If YES, Please guide me to it.

  133. I’m using Motorola One Power and it has a lvl 3 compliance to camera 2 API.
    Is my phone compatible to Google Camera Mod?
    If YES, Please guide me to it.
    Thanks. 🙂

  134. I’m looking for a camera mod for Moto G5S Plus..I have downloaded two mods of Arnova8G2 but both did not work..please suggest me a better one.

  135. I didn’t fimd one for s6 edge.
    I have been searching for this mod for so long but everytime i tried, my phone overheated and the app crashed. I desperately want this app to run on my phone. Please help me!

  136. Hi anmol,
    I am using samsung galaxy j8. Could you tell how to install gcam. I tried a lot but failed…….

  137. Hey Beebom Team, Great content as always.
    I’m not able to find any Google Camera mod for HONOR 7C. Which version should I go for..?

  138. Please help me guys btw I am your top fan also ???? .My phone is Motorola one power/p30 please help me.

  139. I am also confused to choose a gcamera app . Help me .
    Love your videos !!????????????

  140. Pease guide me how to find a proper google camera mod for my phone. It Moto G5s Plus.

    And if u can give me, please give the mod app for samsung galaxy A5 2016 phone too please.. waiting for your reply..

  141. I have downloaded 2 mods for my Honor play but both of them crashes. Is there any stable version available?

  142. Suggest me the camera mod version for my redmi 2 prime. It’s on snapdragon 410 android 8.1 (lineage os)

  143. I saw a guy uses ADB to do enable the camera 2 api. Why not you include the same in this list

  144. I can’t find best link for my Samsung galaxy note 8 .. please send me the best version for note 8.
    And yeah my camera2 API is enable by default..

  145. Hey there, I’m using Redmi Note 5 Ai. & there are a lot of Gcam mod for Redmi Note 5 pro but i didn’t find one for my device. you know there is a difference of front camera sensor Between Note 5 pro & Ai.

    so, can you give me a mod of version 6 for Note 5 Ai with WORKING FRONT CAMERA?

  146. Can my snapdragon 616 device, lenovo vibe k5 plus get it as i can’t find any port of GCam neither is it getting to show support of camera2api even after editing build.prop

  147. I had Pixel Experience ROM flashed on my Mi A2. Google camera V6 worked fine. But now, I have switched to stock ROM. Can’t find any Gcam that works! All crash immediately! Device – Mi A2 running Android Pie 5 December 2018 Security Patch.

  148. Is there any possibilities for gcam mod for Huawei Honor 8 pro(or and kirin powered device)