How to Get 100 Free Pulls in Zenless Zone Zero

In Short
  • Zenless Zone Zero will give 100 free pulls and 80 free Boopons at the launch of the game.
  • To get the 100 free pulls, you will need to complete all the events in version 1.0 and finish the level-up rewards.
  • Not all events start at the launch date, so you will need to wait for all the events to begin.

Zenless Zone Zero has finally been released and the game is offering 100 free character banner pulls on launch, as promised in the last livestream. However, the game is not handing you all the free pulls at the start of the game. Rather, you will have to finish missions, and events and level up to get all the 100 free pulls. Here is a quick guide on how to get all the 100 free pulls in Zenless Zone Zero.

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At launch, ZZZ is supposed to give away 100 free pulls and 80 free Boopons, which are Bangboo banner pulls. To get all the pulls offered at launch, you will have to play through the game and unlock the different rewards.

The 100 free pulls can be broken into the following rewards:

  • 20x Encrypted Master Tape: Limited Agent Banners
  • 70x Master Tape: Permanent Agent Banner
  • 1,600x Polychrome: Can be converted into 10x Encrypted Master Tapes.

Additionally, you will also get 80 free Boopons, which can only be used in the Bangboo exclusive banners. Now, here is how you can get all the 100 free pulls in ZZZ:

  • Rewards from Pre-registration: 20x Master Tapes and 5x Boopons
  • Cunning Generosity event Rewards: 10x Master Tapes
  • Sixth Street Giveaway daily login event rewards: 10x Encrypted Master Tapes
  • New City Visitor’s Passport daily login event rewards: 10x Encrypted Master Tapes
  • “En-Nah” Into Your Lap daily login event rewards: 10x Boopons
  • Road to Proxy Greatness level-up rewards: 40x Master Tapes, 1,600 Polychrome, and 65 Boopons (split between milestones).

You can technically get a lot more free pulls by completing all the Achievements, commissions, mini-games, hollow zero, etc. These 100 free pulls include all the events and level-up rewards in version 1.0.

Event Schedule in Zenless Zone Zero 1.0

Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot

Not all the events part of the 100 free pulls are available at the launch of the game. Here is the event schedule in version 1.0 of Zenless Zone Zero.

  • July 4th: Cunning Generosity and New City Visitor’s Passport Event starts.
  • July 10th: Sixth Street Giveaway Check-in event starts.
  • July 24th: “En-Nah” Into Your Lap daily login event starts.

So, that’s it. If you have any other questions on how to get the 100 free pulls on Zenless Zone Zero, then ask us in the comment section below.

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