How to Use Assists in Zenless Zone Zero? Explained

In Short
  • Assists are one of the main combat features in Zenless Zone Zero and they are heavily responsible for the combat fluidity.
  • There are four types of Assists: Quick, Defensive, Evasive and Follow Up.
  • Defensive and Evasive Assist Skills cost one Assist Point to use, which can be obtained from Chain Attacks.

Zenless Zone Zero has a very different combat system than the other Hoyoverse games, like Genshin Impact. Zenless Zone Zero’s combat includes combos, dash attacks, dodge counters, chain attacks, and assists. Assists are one of the best combat mechanics implemented in Zenless Zone Zero, and using it correctly makes the combat challenges a lot easier. Here is how you can use Assists in Zenless Zone Zero effectively.

What Are Assists in Zenless Zone Zero

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Assists are player swap skills, like intro and outro skills in Wuthering Waves, but with a twist. When the Agent on the field is knocked back, another Agent’s Assist Attack window will trigger. Switching Agents during this window triggers a Reactive Assist. This allows Agents to recover while being launched or follow up on other Agents’ skills.

Furthermore, Assists can be used in place of Dodge Counters to deal massive Daze or damage on enemies. Correct Assist combos can turn the state of battles into the hardest challenges, and you must master them if you want to excel in Zenless Zone Zero combat.

All Assist Types in Zenless Zone Zero

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Every agent has three Assist skills in their kit, each of them having distinct capabilities based on their Agent’s Specialty and Attribute. In total, there are 4 broad categories of Assist skills in the game:

  • Quick Assist: Can be used when the on-field character is launched in the air.
  • Evasive Assist: Can be used when the on-field character is about to be attacked. Dodges the attack and activates Vital View, which slows down time for a couple of seconds.
  • Defensive Assist: Can be used when the on-field character is about to be attacked. Parries the attack and deals massive Daze.
  • Assist Follow-Up: Can be used after a Defensive or Evasive Assist.

How to Use Assists in Zenless Zone Zero

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Assists are simple to use in Zenless Zone Zero. When you meet the Assist Criteria, simply press the Character Swap button to trigger an Assist. Defensive and Evasive assists can be timed when you see a golden light just before the enemy attacks. When the Quick Assist condition is met, you will see the game prompting you to use the Assist key at the right bottom corner.

To use Defensive and Evasive Assists, you need to build up Assist points. Assist Points are a combat resource that is obtained after a successful Chain Attacks. Once you have Assist Points, you can use them to trigger Defensive or Evasive Assists, depending on your Agent.

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Assist Points are a shared resource over the entire party. Players can have a total of 6 assist points, and using Defensive or Evasive Assist Skills cost one point each. Quick Assists do not consume Assist Points and you can use them anytime their condition is met. Every Chain attack combo recovers one Assist point. So you can chain attacks three times during one attack, and you will get 3 Assist Points.

So, that’s it. Now you know how to use Assists in Zenless Zone Zero. If you have any further questions, ask us in the comment section and we will try to help you out.

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