Is Zenless Zone Zero Multiplayer?

In Short
  • Zenless Zone Zero has limited multiplayer features, and doesn't have multiplayer in Hollow Combat.
  • Only Godfinger Arcade minigames in ZZZ have multiplayer support. You can play against or with other players in many of the Godfinger mini-games.
  • Zenless Zone Zero is rumored to be working on a multiplayer battle mode.

Zenless Zone Zero has one of the most fun combat with dodge counters, assists, and chain attacks being highlights of the game. Games like these are an absolute blast to play with your friends, like Genshin Impact. But is Zenless Zone Zero a multiplayer game? If you are wondering the same thing, there here we have explained it to you.

Does ZZZ Have a Multiplayer Mode

Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot

No, Zenless Zone Zero doesn’t have multiplayer like Genshin Impact, but they have something different. ZZZ has a limited multiplayer feature on launch. The game does not feature multiplayer in combat or during hollow exploration. Instead, players can play multiplayer in Godfinger Arcade mini-games, which have their own ranking system.

Godfinger Arcade is one of the shops on Sixth Street in the game and players will find many mini-games to play in this shop. Many of the mini-games have multiplayer support and players can enter Rankings based on their score. The Godfinger Arcade also has its separate Achievements, giving very good rewards for completing them by playing the mini-games.

Will Zenless Zone Zero Get Multiplayer in the Future

Possibly, yes! There are rumors about a multiplayer battle mode currently in development in ZZZ. We may see more multiplayer features from ZZZ in the future, hopefully even PvP elements. Sadly, there is no confirmation yet about it from the developers, nor do we have any specific leaks about the modes in development.

So, that’s it. Tell us what you think about Zenless Zone Zero not having multiplayer, and whether that will dampen your experience in the game.

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