How to Start Missions in Zenless Zone Zero? Answered

In Short
  • Missions are called Commissions in Zenless Zone Zero and they can be started from HDD or by heading into the City.
  • You can get new commission by speaking with NPCs in the city or accepting them from the Inter-Knot.
  • To unlock Story Commissions, you need to increase your Inter-Knot reputation.

Zenless Zone Zero is an Action RPG and exploration in that game is very different from the other Hoyoverse games. One distinct change in Zenless Zone Zero is how you start missions. Although it is technically not hard to understand, new players may have trouble understanding the new system. Here is a brief guide on how you can get and start missions in Zenless Zone Zero.

How to Start Missions/Commissions in Zenless Zone Zero

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Missions or Quests in Zenless Zone Zero are called commissions. There are four distinct types of commissions in the game:

  • Story Commissions: Main story questline missions.
  • Combat Commissions: Missions that entirely focus on combat and defeating specific enemies.
  • Exploration Commissions: Missions that focus on exploring the Hollows.
  • City Commissions: Missions that take place in the city, often fetch quests.

The Combat and Exploration Commissions can be started by entering the Hollow Deep Drive (HDD) System from the Random Play Video Store. After you enter the HDD, you can select the respective commission and start it.

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For City Commissions, you need to head out to the city and complete the mission there. City Commissions are often available only at specific time periods, so you need to keep a look out on your schedule to complete the city commissions.

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The Story Commissions can be started from both the HDD and City, depending on the nature of the Story Commission. If the mission is about Hollow Exploration, then you will need to use the HDD, whereas if it’s about meeting someone or having a conversation, then it will be in the city.

How to Get Commissions/Missions in Zenless Zone Zero

There are two ways you can get commissions or missions in Zenless Zone Zero, three if you count Story missions.

  • Inter-Knot: The first way to get commissions is through the Inter-Knot. Open the Inter-Knot and filter the posts to the Help Request Info only. This will only show the posts with commissions. Now, you can open the posts and accept the commissions, which will then appear in the HDD or City.
  • Taking to NPCs: The traditional Hoyoverse way of getting missions through talking to NPCs still exists. You can head out into the city and find NPCs with an Exclamation symbol. Talking to them will give you commissions.

To unlock Story Commissions, you need to increase your Inter-Knot reputation. Once you reach a high enough reputation, you will automatically get story commissions.

So, that’s it. This is how you can get and start missions in Zenless Zone Zero. If you have any further questions about this topic, ask us in the comment section and we will try to help you out.

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