What Are Bangboos in Zenless Zone Zero and How to Upgrade It

In Short
  • Bangboos act as assistants during combat in Zenless Zone Zero, attacking enemies on the field and providing buffs to characters.
  • They can be obtained by pulling on the Bangboo signal, which is ZZZ's version of banners.
  • Bangboos can be upgraded from the Remodeling Shop in Sixth Street, which can be accessed after unlocking Hollow Zero game mode.

Zenless Zone Zero is the latest addition to Hoyoverse ever ever-increasing roster of amazing gacha games. However, new games also mean new mechanics to get your head around, and Zenless Zone Zero has quite a few of them. One such mechanic is the Bangboos, which are the little teddy bear-shaped automatons in the game. The Bangboos act both as a fighting companion and support item in ZZZ. If you are confused about what Bangboos are in Zenless Zone Zero, here is the complete guide to clear all your doubts.

What Are Bangboos in Zenless Zone Zero?

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Bangboos in Zenless Zone Zero are machines running on artificial intelligence, and they are used in New Eridu for a variety of tasks. You will find Bangboos working as salespersons, officers, cooks, and even football coaches. But the most important role of a Bangboo that ties to the core gameplay is navigating the Hollow.

Hollow Raiders, Proxies, and Hollow Investigating Officers use Bangboos to navigate the Hollow. They are programmed with the Hollow’s data, which allows them to process and find the correct exit path, or locate nearby points of interest.

In terms of gameplay and combat, there are two types of Bangboos in the game:

  • Combat Bangboo
  • Support Bangboo (Exclusive to Hollow Zero Game Mode)

Combat Bangboos in ZZZ

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Combat Bangboos take part in the battle against Ethereals (Hollow monsters in ZZZ). Your chosen Combat Bangboo will fight alongside you on their own, and can even combo with you using Chain Attacks.

Every combat Bangboo has its unique battle abilities, some lay traps while others straight up shoot rockets at the enemies. Alongside active battle, Combat Bangboos also provide passive buffs when you meet their required criteria, like having three characters from a specific faction in the party, or three characters with the same element type.

Support Bangboos Exclusive to Hollow Zero

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In Hollow Zero, one of the end-game modes in ZZZ, you can choose up to three support Bangboos in addition to your combat Bangboo. The support Bangboos can be found while exploring the Hollow inside the Hollow Zero game mode. Support Bangboos don’t take part in battle and only provide passive support buffs to the entire team.

How to Use Bangboos in Zenless Zone Zero

To use a Bangboo in battle, you must select it from the Agent selection page. After selecting your Bangboo, it will help you in combat based on its abilities. Bangboos cannot be controlled during combat as they fight on their own against enemies. They do not take damage, so you can fight alongside them without giving much thought to it after selecting.

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The main use of Bangboos is during Chain Attacks. Once you build up the Daze meter of an enemy to the max, your characters will start a Chain Attack combo. In the combo, you will also get the option to select your Bangboo, which is always the best move because they get a free chain attack turn, with another character following them up.

Chain attacks from Bangboos deal significant damage to enemies, and certain Bangboos can even buff the chain attack damage with their passive abilities.

How to Upgrade and Level Up Bangboos in Zenless Zone Zero

Bangboos are similar to Weapons or Light Cones in the way that they can be upgraded (superimposed) and leveled up. You can level up Bangboos using specific XP materials that can be obtained through Hollow Zero, one of the endgame content of ZZZ, at the Remodeling Shop in Sixth Street.

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To upgrade Bangboos, you will need to have multiple copies of the same Bangboo to obtain their core. Upgrading Bangboo cores increases their damage base multipliers, making them dish out a lot more damage than usual. The Remodeling Shop can be accessed after unlocking the Hollow Zero game mode, around Inter-Knot level 17.

How to Get Bangboos in Zenless Zone Zero

Bangboos cannot be farmed or purchased from normal in-game shops. In Zenless Zone Zero, Bangboos have separate banners, called the Bangboo Channel. You need to use Boopons, which are the Bangboo channel currency, to pull for the S-tier and A-tier Bangboos. We have a separate guide on how to obtain Boopons and get Bangboos, so make sure to read it.

Fixing Bangboos in Zenless Zone Zero

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While roaming around Sixth Street and other city areas, you will often come across malfunctioning Bangboos. These Bangboos can be fixed by solving a small circuit puzzle, which also gives good rewards. Find all the broken Bangboos and fix them to earn Polychromes and much more.

So, that’s everything you need to know about Bangboos. If you have any questions regarding Bangboos and how to use them, ask us in the comment section and we will try to help you out.

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