How to Find a Village in Minecraft

The villages in Minecraft are a haven for all the players. You can get food, shelter, pets, items, and Minecraft villagers with different jobs. You can then trade with villagers to get some of the best in-game items. But that’s only possible if you know how to find a village in Minecraft. Irrespective of their variant, villages in Minecraft, at times, can be tricky to find. However, we are here to make finding a village much easier for you. You can use our tutorial to find villages in both Minecraft Bedrock and Java editions. Not to forget, our methods work seamlessly on the latest Minecraft 1.18 update as well. If you haven’t updated yet, you are missing out on some of the best-looking villages that Minecraft has to offer. With that said, let’s not waste time and figure out how to easily find a village in Minecraft.

Four Ways to Find a Village in Minecraft (2022)

There are a variety of methods to find villages in the game. You can use the table below to explore the method that interests you the most. All of them are reliable and useful in their unique ways.

Find Villages Using Custom Seeds in Minecraft

Each Minecraft world is built using a unique and random integer called a seed. You can pick one seed and use it to recreate the same world endless times. The world generation can, however, vary as per your game version and edition. Fortunately, the internet is filled with seeds around villages, and many of them spawn you right into a village.

We also have a list of the best Minecraft village seeds in place that you can use to spawn in villages for Minecraft 1.17 or earlier versions. If you have updated your game, refer to our list of best Minecraft 1.18 seeds instead. Once you find the seed that you like, you simply need to create a custom Minecraft world using that seed.

How to Use Custom Seeds in Minecraft

You can use the following steps to use custom village seeds in Minecraft. Just make sure to double-check the seed code and game version beforehand.

1. First, open Minecraft and click on the “Create New World” button to create a custom world. This option is available on the regular world selection screen on all devices.

Minecraft worlds list

2. Then, on the next screen, click on the “More World Options” button at the bottom right corner. 

3. Finally, enter or paste the seed code in the textbox at the top of your screen. Then, click on “Create New World”.

The world generated using one of the seeds in the list above will directly land you into a village. That is, as long as you have entered the seed code correctly in a compatible version of the game.

Find Minecraft Villages Using Seed Analysis Tool

If you already have a Minecraft world in place, finding a new seed might not be ideal for you. However, you can use one of the many online seed analyzers to find villages within your existing Minecraft worlds. But first, you need to find the seed code of your world.

To do so, you can either use the /seed command in the chatbox. Or you can check your world settings to find the seed code.

How to Analyze a Seed Online

The seed analyzer we are using in this tutorial is from Chunkbase. To get started, note down your world’s seed code and open up the seed analyzer using this link. Then, follow the steps below:

1. On Chunkbase, enter the seed code and choose your game version using the dedicated options. You can leave the dimension as “overworld” because villagers only spawn in the overworld dimension of Minecraft.

2. Once you have entered the seed code, you need to scroll down and find a map of that seed. Just above the map is the option to turn various map features and indicators on and off. Make sure the village indicator is turned on. It’s indicated using a villager’s face.

You can click on the villager icon to find the exact coordinates of that village along with its biome. Additionally, you can also see your spawn location, which is indicated by a compass. It’s the only way to find all villages in a Minecraft world.

Find Minecraft Villages Using In-Game Command

Minecraft’s developers are aware of the efforts that go into finding certain in-game locations. That’s why they have included a command in every edition of the game to easily find locations, including villages. But you first need to make sure to turn on cheats in your Minecraft world.

Cheats can be turned on under LAN settings in Minecraft Java Edition. Meanwhile, Bedrock users can turn them on in world settings. Both are available on the pause screen. Once the cheats are on, use the following steps to find a village in Minecraft.

1. Now, open the chat option in your Minecraft world. It’s available on top of the screen for mobile editions, and there’s a dedicated button for it on console editions. Meanwhile, PC users need to press the “t” key or “/” key to open it. Once the chat window opens, you need to type “/locate village” and press Enter.

2. Minecraft will then look for the closest village and display its coordinates. Now, you can either walk to those coordinates, or you can use the “/tp X Y Z” command to teleport to that location. Here, X, Y, & Z are the coordinates of the village. If you are on the Minecraft 1.18 update, make sure to keep the Y value above 100.

Organically Locate Villages in Minecraft

Lastly, the traditional way of finding villages is by exploring your world in Minecraft. Without any arguments, it’s also the real way in which Minecraft wants you to find the villages in-game. However, instead of aimlessly roaming around, you can use the following tips to optimize your search.

  • Only a few Minecraft biomes can spawn villages in them. So, you should only look for desert, taiga, plains, meadow, savanna, snowy plains, and taiga biomes. Additionally, you can also find villages in Snowy Taiga and Sunflower Plains biome in the Bedrock edition.
  • While looking for villages, make sure you have enough food and weapons to help you survive and fight off mobs.
  • You can climb mountains and trees to find villages much more easily. Just make sure your rendering distance is high enough in the video settings.
  • If you travel during the night, torches in villages are easy to see from a distance. You can use the best Minecraft shaders for more accurate and easier to locate light sources in the game.
  • Once you find a village, make sure to sleep in your or a villager’s bed there. It will reset your spawn point to that village. So, even if you die, you won’t have to look for the village again.

Tips and Tricks to Find a Village in Minecraft

With that, you are now ready to find villages in Minecraft 1.18 and beyond. The process of locating villages is timeless in the world of Minecraft. You can continue using these methods for future versions of the game too. However, if you don’t find enough villagers in a village or the alternate villages you find are too far, it can be problematic. For such scenarios, the only solution is to breed villagers in Minecraft for fresh trading options and extra benefits. Alternatively, you can also cure a zombie villager to gain back a lost member of your village.

Not to forget, you can always install the best Minecraft modpacks to revamp your villages uniquely. With that said, don’t forget to share any alternate ways that can be used to find villages in the comments section. Our team will make sure to test and share them with our readers. Until then, keep exploring!

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