How to Level up Fast in Palworld

In Short
  • Leveling up in Palworld is important to unlock advanced resources and tools.
  • You can gain experience from mining, gathering, crafting, building, or completing tutorials.
  • Moreover, capture pals, claim capture bonus, and clear dungeons for a lot of bonus XP in Palworld.

Palworld is a mashup of multiple open-world games with creatures called Pals similar to Pokemons by your side. Like any other survival game, leveling up is a must to unlock important resources and tools to advance to the game’s later stages. As always, we start at level 1 in Palworld. However, the more you play the game, the quicker you gain levels. To help you get there faster, we have compiled a guide of the best tips to level up faster in Palworld. With that, let’s begin.

1. Complete the Tutorial

While it may sound repetitive, it’s one of the first ways you can start to level up in Palworld. Yeah, completing the tutorial is as simple as following the steps mentioned in the game. The more tasks you complete, the more experience you gain.

Palworld tutorials to level up

When you spawn in Palworld, you can notice a yellow box on the top right of your screen. Finish the tasks in the tutorial and gain experience points. You will see new tasks replacing a finished task as soon as you complete one. Keep finishing them to level up fast in the game.

2. Gather Resources & Build

A common thing players miss out on is how the simplest of tasks can help you level up. In the case of Palworld, the game rewards you for little things like crafting and gathering resources like stone, wood, or even Paldium fragments.

So, whenever you’re out and about, make sure to gather resources whenever you can, i.e. picking up a stone from the ground can get you 1 EXP point.

Picking up 2 stone for 1 EXP point

Additionally, crafting, building structures, or different workstations also rewards you with level-ups in Palworld. Although the XP gained from these building activities is not as significant, you will gain some levels while you’re setting up a base.

Crafting giving XP bonus

3. Defeating Pals & Capture Bonus

One of the best ways to level up fast in Palworld is by defeating and capturing Pals. We suggest you to get yourself a mount and speedrun through the world to capture as many pals as you want. As you gain more levels, you will be able to catch alpha Pals. This will help you unlock new types of pals to capture.

Speaking of capturing, you can use the capture bonus system to gain a lot of levels in Palworld. To trigger this bonus, you must catch 10 pals of the same species. When you capture the first pal of a new species, you will notice a 10-bar indicator on the right side of your screen.

It will fill up with each same species pal you capture. Once done, you will notice the COMPLETE! message in a yellow box under the capture bonus. So, we suggest gathering some Pal Spheres and starting your journey.

4. Change EXP Rate Settings

For all the lazy ones out there in Palworld, we have a cheeky trick for you. You can get rid of all that grind and simply tweak your world difficulty settings when creating a new world. This will allow you to crank up your experience gained from every action you perform. To learn how to change EXP rate settings, follow the steps below:

  • Start a new game and select Create New World in Palworld.
  • Now, select the Custom Difficulty settings option.
  • Finally, look for the EXP Rate option and drag the slider to change the value to the maximum.

Note: You can gain a maximum of 20 EXP Rate. The default EXP Rate value is 1 for normal Palworld settings.

  • Create new world in Palworld
  • Custom settings in Palworld new world creation
  • Level EXP Rate change setting in Palworld

5. Complete Dungeons

Last but not least is to clear dungeons once you have enough pals that can win fights. Palworld dungeons can be scary, so having higher-level pals is crucial. In the same way, the more difficult a dungeon is, the more experience you will gain. Thankfully, you can find dungeons all around the world.

Here is a quick trick you can use to gain a ton of levels from the Palworld dungeons. In dungeons, you will find alpha bosses with two minions. You can defeat the minions and capture them to gain experience.

Palworld Dungeon

Once you are done defeating the minions in a dungeon, leave the room and come back to reroll the Alpha pal. This will summon two new types of minions along with the new Alpha! Keep repeating this and gain a lot of experience points to level up!

These are some of the easiest methods you can use to level up fast in Palworld. As the EXP level is capped at 50 in Palworld, gaining experience will be a piece of cake even for all casual players. Got more tricks we should add? Let us know in the comments below!

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