How to Destroy Fuel Silos in Helldivers 2

In Short
  • While fuel silos look near impossible to destroy, it can be done using a handy method.
  • Once near the silo, you'll see an option to call in a free Hellbomb. Enter the respective button prompts to call it in and enter its arming inputs.
  • Once armed, stand well back and enjoy the fireworks.

As the primary force of Super Earth in the game, Helldivers are regularly sent to Terminid and Automaton planets to nip them in the bud. And while the bugs have their holes, you might have chanced upon Fuel Silos on the Automaton planets. Besides the stand-off that ensues, you might be confused as to how exactly you can destroy these fuel silos in Helldivers 2. Well, after dying dozens of times, we have figured it out. So, let us help you with a dedicated guide below.

Destroy Fuel Silos in Helldivers 2

While you would think using the best stratagems in Helldivers 2 will easily destroy the fuel silos, that’s not the case. Packing tough armor, fuel silos can take multiple hits of orbital strikes. In our experience, they even survived an Eagle 500kg bomb! Thankfully, the game knows this.

When it comes to fuel silo missions, Helldivers 2 provides players with a free additional stratagem called the Hellbomb. As the name suggests, the Hellbomb is a deadly device that causes widespread damage and easily destroys fuel silos in Helldivers 2. And, if your Hellbomb gets taken out by enemy forces, you can call another within 15 seconds.

Taking out a fuel silo requires some amount of coordination among your teammates. Follow the tips below to do so:

  • Identify the Fuel Silo: These structures are easy to detect. Simply look for round buildings in the middle of heavy fortifications. They will also have a Red light atop them. Begin by taking out nearby forces.
  • Call in Hellbomb: Once you’re nearby the fuel silo, the Hellbomb stratagem will appear. Go in close to the structure and call in the Hellbomb.
  • Arm the bomb: Calling it in is not enough. You need to walk close to it and arm it. Don’t worry as it’s very easy. In my case, a teammate beat me to the punch.
  • Run like Hell: Once armed, a timer will begin. That time is for you to get as far back as possible.
  • how an average fuel silo looks like in-game
  • Helldivers 2 use a hellbomb to take out the silos effectively
  • A dropped Hellbomb with a Helldiver entering the inputs
  • Successfully destroy fuel silos in Helldivers 2

Once you’re far enough, turn back and look at the massive explosion as the Hellbomb destroys the fuel silos in Helldivers 2. And if, by any chance, fellow Helldivers were nearby, well, it’s time to call in reinforcements.

And that’s how you destroy fuel silos in Helldivers 2. So, did you accidentally blow anyone up using your Hellbomb? Share your experience in the comments below!

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