Steam Pulls Helldivers 2 from Unsupported PSN Countries

Helldivers 2 Armors
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In Short
  • After a frustrating week for all Helldivers 2 owners on Steam, it now seems that things have gotten worse.
  • Steam has officially delisted the game from non-PSN countries, thereby blocking gamers from buying it at all.
  • Players who already owned a copy in unsupported nations can apply for refunds despite the two-hour limit.

I think at this point, we all know how the entire Helldivers 2 controversy has caused the game’s rating to tank down to dangerously low levels. While we all expected Sony to remove this forced integration, things have worsened. Steam has now delisted Helldivers 2 from all unsupported PSN countries.

The change was first spotted on the Helldivers 2 SteamDB page. Under the Updates tab, it can be seen that Steam has updated the ‘PurchaseRestrictedCountries‘ parameter and added the list of countries that cannot access the PlayStation Network.

This means Steam gamers in a non-PSN country will no longer be able to buy Helldivers 2. The change has already started to reflect in storefronts, with stores like the Philippines already locked out of the buy button.

Helldivers 2 Philippines store
Image Courtesy: Helldivers 2 Media/X

Steam is offering refunds to gamers who have already bought Helldivers 2 in unsupported nations. The company has lifted the two-hour limit it imposes, as this case is an exception. Nonetheless, that means long-standing Helldivers who used to enjoy the game now have no choice.

As of writing this, Helldivers 2 has dropped down to ‘Mostly Negative,’ with only 21% of the reviews in the last 30 days being positive. I don’t know about you, but nothing seems positive here.

It’s now painfully clear that the ball is in Sony’s court. What happens next? While your guess is as good as mine, I do think this decision just might be here to stay. But what do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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