How to Defeat the Breeze in Minecraft 1.21

In Short
  • Breeze spawns only from trial spawners in Trial Chambers. It jumps a lot and has a special ranged attack called the wind charge.
  • To fight the Breeze in Minecraft, you will need armor, a melee weapon, food, a water bucket, and other optional items.
  • Chase and charge at the Breeze, move side to side to avoid projectile attacks, and try and corner it while avoiding fall damage to defeat the Breeze.

Trial Chamber is an epic new underground structure in Minecraft 1.21 that offers plenty of reasons for you to visit it. This structure is an important new addition to the blocky world, providing battles you have never experienced before. That’s also where a new mob called Breeze comes into play. It’s a playful hostile mob that makes fights both challenging and enjoyable. In this guide, we discuss some tips and tricks you can use against the Breeze to easily defeat it in Minecraft 1.21.

Where to Find the Breeze in Minecraft

Breeze can spawn only in the Trial Chambers. This building generates underground in the deepslate layers. Check out our guide on how to find the Trial Chambers, so you can choose between the three easy methods we’ve mentioned.

Moreover, the Breeze doesn’t spawn in dark places like regular hostile mobs, but only via the trial spawner. It is a special spawner variant that summons a limited number of mobs proportional to the number of players that join the battle. The ones that spawn the Breeze have chiseled tuff blocks surrounding them.

Once you get close to the spawner, it will play a short animation and summon one Breeze. As soon as you defeat it, a new one will spawn. If you’re playing in a single-player world, every trial spawner will summon two Breezes at most and you’ll be fighting one at the time. After you kill the Breeze, which drops Breeze rods, the spawner will go into the cooldown state for 30 minutes.

Minecraft Breeze: Attacks and Abilities

Breeze is a rather interesting and unique mob with a strange movement pattern and never-before-seen ranged attacks. When it spawns, it will look for a nearby player to attack. Once it finds a target, the Breeze shoots a special projectile called wind charge. This attack will deal a small amount of damage to the entity it collides directly with.

Upon collision with an entity or a block, this attack will create a wind burst, an effect that knocks back entities in the area by several blocks, even launching them in the air. It is possible to reflect the wind charge projectile to the Breeze if you hit it at the right time. The Breeze can also deflect all the projectiles thrown at it; that too in the direction of the shooter.

Besides that, it will constantly jump from one location to the other, usually after it attacks. When it lands, it can start moving quickly while occasionally shooting the player with the wind charge. One other property of this ranged attack is that it can interact with blocks like buttons, levers, non-iron trapdoors, doors, and a few other entities.

Because of this, Breeze can further trigger some dispenser traps inside the rooms which can shoot different projectiles or dispense water from buckets. This can cause you to take additional damage or get stuck in the flowing water.

Items That Will Help You Fight the Breeze

Breeze is not an unstoppable mob like the Warden, so with just a bit of preparation, you can defeat it quickly in Minecraft 1.21. Here are the items that will surely help you in killing the Breeze:

  • Armor
  • Sword or Axe
  • Shield
  • Food
  • Water Bucket
  • Potion of Slow Falling
  • Blocks


Armor is not necessary, but it will keep you protected and let you last longer in the fight. It can be of any tier, though unenchanted diamond armor is pretty sufficient. If you’d like to put Minecraft enchantments on it through an enchanting table or by using enchanted books, they can only help you further in the battle but are not required.


Since ranged weapons don’t work against the Breeze, you will need to bring a sword or an axe only. The sword deals less damage than the axe, but it is faster. Also, you can place some enchantments on it that you can’t on the axe, so overall, the sword is a better option.

Shield & Food

Shield is a useful tool in the fight with the Breeze since it negates all damage from the wind charge attack. Moreover, the shield doesn’t lose durability when it protects you from the projectile, which may be changed during development. Food is a necessity in any battle, well, because of its power to regenerate the player’s health.

Water Bucket/ Potion of Slow Falling

A water bucket is useful for landing safely after the Breeze catapults you into the air. However, you do need to be skilled to pull this off every time. Potions of slow falling, which is also required against the Warden, serve the same purpose.

If you drink one before the battle, you will slow fall from any height so you can completely avoid fall damage. Though, this potion will also make you slower when you just jump around, so it may not be so helpful to every player.

Additional Blocks to Carry

The whole Trial Chamber structure is good at providing you with plenty of hiding spots from the mobs. Though, it’s always a smart idea to bring additional blocks with you.

With them, you can block your line of sight with the Breeze and have some time to compose yourself and strategize. Moreover, by pillaring up, you can reach other platforms in the room. To sum it up, having blocks on you will make you safer and more maneuverable in the fight against the Breeze.

How to Kill the Breeze in Minecraft 1.21

Considering that Breeze is part of a challenging combat structure, you’d think it’s a rather strong mob that’s difficult to defeat. However, that’s not true. Breeze is a unique hostile mob that offers a cool but not hard fight. So, slaying it is actually quite simple.

Thankfully, most of the time you will be fighting only one Breeze, so that will make your job easier. Other trial spawners usually summon more hostile mobs, which you will have to keep track of and fight to survive. That said, check out some tips and tricks to defeat the Breeze:

1. Always Be Moving

First things first, when the Breeze mob spawns, you should always keep moving. If you don’t do so, the wind charge attacks will constantly collide with you, sending you in different directions and usually up in the air. This can make you disoriented.

2. Use Water Bucket on Time

So, moving around will let you avoid these attacks. Having your shield up is also fairly useful, but the wind burst can still send you in the air, so be ready to use the water bucket to land safely.

3. Chase the Breeze

The Breeze usually leaps once it is attacked and can travel quite far, occasionally ending up behind walls. So, you might need to chase the Breeze to kill it. Since you can only damage it with melee weapons, you have to get close to it.

In addition, every time the Breeze wants to shoot the wind charge at you, it will start performing a little animation of it bending over. When you see this, you will know you should move out of its line of sight way.

Thankfully, it’s very easy to dodge this projectile. You should always try to move side to side when approaching the Breeze. This will keep you safe from the direct collision with the wind charge.

4. Make use of Breeze’s Lack of Awareness

Sometimes, for whatever reason, the Breeze just doesn’t react when you’re really close to it. This will let you get some free shots on it. Also, this is the case when the Breeze plays its animations. Right before it leaps or attacks, you can hit it and it can sometimes disable the Breeze’s action. Then, it will just get stunned for a bit, allowing you to get in crit damage on it multiple times.

All in all, the best advice we can give is to charge at the Breeze right away. This mob doesn’t have much HP, so a few good hits should take it down in no time. Also, it helps if you manage to corner it, so it cannot zoom around the room.

So, to defeat the Breeze in Minecraft 1.21, make sure you are always close to it and just keep moving and jump-critting it until it’s dead.

What Does the Breeze Drop When Killed?

Once you kill the Breeze, you will get 1-2 breeze rods by default, but with looting III, you can even get up to 8 of them. These items are used in crafting recipes wind charge projectiles, the new mace weapon in Minecraft, and the flow armor trim.

Those are pretty much all the tips and tricks we have to suggest to allow you to defeat the Breeze in Minecraft. Breeze becomes a lot harder to kill when there are several traps and other trial spawners inside the room. And thanks to the randomness of the trial chambers, you don’t really know what challenge you’re going to get.

That’s what makes the Breeze and this structure fun to fight and explore. With that said, have you defeated the Breeze successfully? Do you have some other tips for killing this playful mob? Share your tips with us and our readers in the comments below!

Is it difficult to defeat the Breeze in survival?

The Breeze is meant to be a playful hostile mob that provides players with a unique combat challenge. It was never supposed to be as powerful as the Warden for example. So, you can kill the Breeze fairly easily and quickly.

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