How to Find and Catch Frostallion in Palworld

In Short
  • Frostallion is a legendary Pal that only spawns in the icy mountain area near the absolute zero teleport point.
  • To capture this Pal, you can bring a fire elemental-type Pal to fight it and some giga spheres to capture it.
  • To breed this Pal, you'll need two Frostallions of opposite genders at your base to get an egg.

Like many majestic Pals in Palworld, Frostallion is another deadly end-game creature that you can add to your collection. This rare legendary Pal can be a force to be reckoned with. However, catching the Frostallion isn’t exactly a piece of cake. Thankfully, we are here to make your job easier. So, let’s discuss how to find and catch a Frostallion in Palworld. With that, let’s begin!

Frostallion Location in Palworld

Frostallion is a level 50 ice element-type Pal. As such, it naturally spawns in the icy frost area. If you spawn at the land of the absolute zero teleport point and head east, you can find a Frostallion flying around the location. Head over to coordinates (-343, 503). If you still need help, refer to the image below.

Unfortunately, you will not find Frostallion outside of this location. The Pal only appears as a field area boss here, living up to its legendary status. Once you’ve located it, keep reading to learn how to catch it.

How to Catch Frostallion in Palworld

After you track down the Frostallion in Palworld, it is now time to catch it. This legendary Pal can get difficult to deal with. To make your job easier, you can follow these tips to capture one:

  • Level up first: First, ensure your level is close to the Frostallion. As mentioned above, this is a level 50 pal. Anything substantially lower will make you struggle in this boss fight. Thankfully, itis not that difficult to level up fast in Palworld.
  • Pick the right Pal type: Frostallion is an Ice element-type Pal. To combat that, bring a fire element-type Pal to defeat the Frostallion. You can bring along Ragnahawk or a Wixen.
  • Pal Spheres are your friend: Since the level of this pal is high, ensure you use better pal Spheres to capture it. We suggest bringing Giga or a Mega Spheres with you. Get as many as you can for a higher capture chance.
  • Ensure metal armor: We have made it clear that Frostallion is a pretty powerful pal that will hit quite hard. It also doesn’t help that this pal resides in a cold area, which will take a toll on the player. So before you head on over to the Pal, unlock and wear cold-resistant metal armor for better protection from both the Pal and the cold.

If you follow these tips to fight the pal, you should have a Frostallion quickly. Unfortunately, if you plan on breeding a Frostallion at your base, you need two of these Pals of different genders in your team. Frostallion cannot breed with other Pals to give birth to another one.

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