How to Build a House in Minecraft Complete Guide

How to Build a House in Minecraft

Minecraft bases, automatic farms, themed worlds, and in-game cities. All of these fancy words are common and popular in the Minecraft community. Though they indicate just one thing, and that’s a player’s house in the game, it could be big, hidden, fancy, basic, and everything you want it to be. But that’s for players who know how to build a house in Minecraft. If you are not one of them, this guide is the perfect place to help you get started. We go over all the requirements, blocks, and designs you need to understand for making your own house in Minecraft. If the idea feels a little overwhelming, you can also use some of the best Minecraft mods to get additional support. With that out of the gate, let’s not waste a moment more and learn how to build a house in Minecraft.

Build a House in Minecraft: A Complete Guide (2022)

The process of building a Minecraft house involves multiple concepts and steps. And to keep things simple, we have divided the guide into separate sections. It is applicable on both Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions‘ latest versions.

Why Do You Need a House in Minecraft?

Before we move to the building process, let’s first understand the need for a Minecraft house in the game. A house serves the following functions:

  • A safe house that protects you from hostile mobs.
  • The perfect storage location to keep all your resources and items.
  • An easy to manage space for automatic Minecraft farms and mob trapping.

Where Can You Make a Minecraft House?

Once you have decided you want to make a house in Minecraft, you need to find the perfect spot to make it. To speed things up, you can use one of our best Minecraft 1.18 seeds to scope out the perfect spot for your house in the latest update. But if you want to stick to your existing worlds, make sure your chosen location meets the following criterion:

  • Enough open area for building your planned house
  • Sources of food, wood, ores, and other common items
  • Some altitude to save you from most ground-level mobs
  • Access to ocean and rivers for easier traveling using Minecraft boats.

Materials Required to Build a Minecraft House

From soil to obsidian, you can practically use any nonfloating block in Minecraft to make your house. If you are playing by yourself or are building a temporary house, you can use any in-game block. Most speedrunners and beginners usually stick with soil blocks as their houses aren’t supposed to last long.

For your first house, we suggest you avoid gravitational blocks like sand and flammable blocks like wood. Such blocks have the potential to get you killed in unforeseen circumstances. Meanwhile, blocks like obsidian can help you make your house blast-proof later in the game.

Build a House in Minecraft: Step-by-Step Process (with Images)

Once you have collected the materials and selected a location, you can follow these steps to start the building process for your Minecraft house.

Step 1: Build Walls

Much like a real-world house, you first need to build walls that your Minecraft house stands upon. Other than the main four walls, you can construct as many rooms as you want. But don’t forget to leave openings for doors or windows. You simply need to place the blocks and stack them as high as you want the ceiling of your house to be.

Step 2: Add Doors & Windows

Once you have constructed the walls, you can use wood to make doors and glass panes as windows. Using a single door or a double door is your choice. Hostile mobs can’t open either of them. As for the windows, some players leave them open without any glass. But it is an open invitation to mobs like skeletons that can attack you from a distance.

Step 3: Expand the House

After creating the basic structure, it’s time for you to add more practical elements and areas like rooms, roofs, and more to the house in Minecraft. Many players opt for multiple rooms but going for separate floors adds a certain aesthetic to your house. Just don’t forget to add a ladder or stairs to climb onto that floor. Alternatively, you can use this stage to customize your house with personal design elements and unique shapes.

Step 4: Light It Up

It is true that a house in Minecraft stops hostile mobs from reaching you, but that doesn’t stop these hostile mobs from spawning inside the house. To safeguard your casa against them, you need to add various light sources inside your house. Torches are the most popular option, but you can also go for glowstone, lanterns, and other light sources. Some players even place light sources around and on top of the house for extra protection.

Step 5: Add Basic Amenities

After your house structure is ready, it’s time to furnish it. You can have a variety of items in the Minecraft house you build. However, here are some must-haves:

Additional Things to Add to Your Minecraft House

Now, once your house is ready, it’s time to make the most out of it. You can use your creativity or head over to our list of the best Minecraft house ideas to choose one that suits your fancy. Then, you can spend some time carefully modifying and rebuilding the house as you make progress in the game.

Later on, you can add more in-game items to your house. Such items can hold decorative as well as practical value. Some of the most common practices that people follow include:

  • Adding automatic farms with a separate section for villagers, who can a variety of jobs
  • Using Redstone to make a security system to protect houses from looting on multiplayer servers
  • Bringing iron golems and other entities like cats as pets in the house
  • Creating furniture using slabs, planks, and wool
  • Building separate rooms for treasury and storage
  • Create paths leading to underground Minecraft caves. To explore caves, you can check out some of the best lush cave seeds and best dripstone cave seeds in Minecraft 1.18 via the linked articles.
  • Adding decorative items like paintings, flowerpots, terracotta, and more to your house

How to Build an Underground House in Minecraft

Thanks to the recent Minecraft 1.18 update, the cave exploration in this game is at its peak. Because of the update, it’s now more important than ever to either have an underground room or a complete underground house to explore the caves. Here’s how to build an underground house in Minecraft

1. For a cave or underground house, the best locations are mountainside caves. These are relatively easy to find, and you can use their opening to quickly escape the cave biomes in case of emergency.

2. Unlike above-ground houses, you will find the building materials on the location itself. Just dig out an open field of at least 6-8 blocks in every direction to make a reliable base area. You can use a pickaxe with some of the best Minecraft enchantments to make things easier.

3. Then, add ladders and a trap door if you want your house to have an entry on its top. In case it’s located on the side of a mountain, a regular door will also work. Don’t forget to add lights around this time too as caves are prone to mob spawning.

4. Finally, to complete the house, add a bed, a crafting table, anvil, and chests with food in them. Just like a regular house, you can expand and improve on it as your progress with your Minecraft journey. The main purpose of the house is to offer you shelter and a storage location while mining.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Which Biome is Best for Making a Base?

Among all the Minecraft biomes, only the mushroom fields biome doesn’t allow any mobs to spawn in it. But you can also choose biomes as per your interest. The upcoming Minecraft 1.19 biomes will surely make the choice even harder.

Q. Which House is Best in Minecraft?

Among the variety of house designs, the best house design depends on your priorities. If you are speedrunning or mining, an underground house is the most convenient design you can pick.

Q. In Which Mode Should I Make My House?

If you want to keep things easier, you should use creative game mode to make your house. This mode allows you to float and gives you a creative inventory with every single block and item from the game.

Build a House in Minecraft Right Now

And just like that, you are now an expert house builder in Minecraft. All that’s left for you to do now is hop into the game and start testing new designs and techniques until you are ready to make your first big structure. You can take inspiration from the players building a model of the earth in Minecraft or hop into one of the many Minecraft discord servers to discuss ideas. And then, you can check out the best seeds to build a base or city in Minecraft. As for the players building an underground base, our Minecraft 1.18 ore distribution guide will give you a headstart. You can use it to find rare ores, building materials, and diamonds in Minecraft. With that said, you are now ready to mark your spot in the world of Minecraft. But don’t forget to share your house ideas in the comments below!

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