Honkai Star Rail Constance: Is She a Playable Character? Answered

In Short
  • Constance is one of the daughters of Duke Ifrit Inferno and is part of the Ever-Flame Mansion Family.
  • Duke Inferno considers Constance as his most ambitious and exceptional child, and it can be assumed that she is second in command of the Ever-Flame family.
  • Constance connected Black Swan with Boothill in the Honkai Star Rail 2.1 missions to reveal Acheron's secret.

Honkai Star Rail has just released its second part of the Penacony trailblazing missions with version 2.1, and we have a lot of new information to process. One of the notable pieces of information revealed is related to Duke Ifrit Inferno and his demise at the hands of Acheron. During the Trailblazing missions, Black Swan tried delving into the memories of Duke Inferno, at the time of his confrontation with Acheron. However, she failed to get any memory related to Acheron, as if they never existed. That’s when Constance makes an appearance for the first time in the story, although not in the flesh, and connects Black Swan with Boothill. So, who is Constance in Honkai Star Rail? Let’s find out in detail.

Who is Constance in Honkai Star Rail

Constance is one of the daughters of Duke Ifrit Inferno, and likely the second in command of the Everflame Mansion Family. She first made an appearance in the Myriad Celestial Trailer — A Night of Ever-Flame: Scene 33, where Duke Inferno proudly proclaimed that they were going to bring destruction to Penacony.

In the trailer, Duke Inferno calls Constance his most ambitious and exceptional child and tells her to “leave not but the Remembrance tomb“, which can be assumed as a task to destroy the Memokeepers or the Garden of Recollection.

This entails that Duke Inferno trusts Constance the most among his children, and she is likely going to lead the Ever-Flame Mansion in the future, as we now know that Ifrit has indeed died. Constance is also known as “The Dahlia” which is also the flower shown in the trailer during her introduction.

Will Constance Be a Playable Character in Honkai Star Rail

Image Courtesy: Honkai Star Rail (YouTube)

The biggest question related to Constance is whether she will be a playable character in the future versions of Honkai Star Rail. I consider it very unlikely that Constance is going to be a playable character in Honkai Star Rail.

Constance is a pure villainous character and we haven’t seen any villain become a playable character in HSR yet. Yes, we have previously fought against Svarog and recently Aventurine, but both are playable characters. However, none of them are outright evil or villainous like Constance appears to be, the same as Phantylia and Cocolia.

Constance is definitely going to play a big role in the future of Honkai Star Rail, and it would likely be related to Acheron. We can hope to see more from her in the coming versions.

HSR Constance Path and Element Type

Image Courtesy: Hoyoverse/Honkai Star Rail

The Ever-Flame Family walks on the Path of Destruction, so it can be assumed that Constance will be a Destruction character. However, we have no official information on this, nor any leaks, and this is just an assumption. Similarly, there is no information about her Element type, but we did see her use blue flames in the trailer, so there is a possibility of Constance being a Fire element type.

Constance’s Conversation with Black Swan in Honkai Star Rail

In-game Screenshot: Captured by Sanmay Chakrabarti

In the Honkai Star Rail 2.1 Trailblazing missions, Constance had a brief interaction with Black Swan, which gave us some insight about her. First, Constance kind of confirms that Duke Inferno tasked her to destroy the Garden of Recollection in Penacony by saying “we were supposed to meet in Penacony and spend an unforgettable time together” to Black Swan.

She later says that it would be unrealistic to meet Black Swan now, suggesting that the Ever Flame mansion may not be coming to the Penacony after all. Constance then connects Black Swan with Boothill, who is on the hunt for Acheron. Boothill also confirms that Acheron is not a part of the Galaxy Ranger.

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