Honkai Star Rail Gallagher: Kit, Build, Voice Actor & More

In Short
  • Gallagher is a 4-star Abundance character with the Fire damage type and features more offensive than healing abilities.
  • His best Relic and Planar ornaments set is the 4-piece Thief of Shooting Meteor, and 2-piece Broken Keel. His best Light cone is 'What is Real?'.
  • Gallagher's best team comp is Clara, Gallagher, Ruan Mei, and Fu Xuan, as he is more of a sub-DPS with healing and has trouble solo sustaining teams.

Gallagher is a 4-star Abundance character in Honkai Star Rail with Fire Damage type and will be an offensive healer. Honkai Star Rail 2.0 trailblaze missions gave us a brief look at Gallagher and he will likely appear more in the following versions. Gallagher’s kit is very different from traditional healers, and he can be considered more as a Sub-DPS with healing. Here is Gallagher’s best build, alongside his kit, Eidolons, and release date.

Honkai Star Rail Gallagher: Path and Damage Type

Gallagher Honkai Star Rail Drip Marketing
Image Courtesy: Hoyoverse/Honkai Star Rail

Gallagher is a 4-star offensive Abundance character, with the Fire Damage type and he completely scales on Attack. His kit has more offensive abilities than healing abilities, and he doesn’t seem to feature a reactive healing ability like Natasha and Lynx, the other two 4-star Abundance characters in the game.

He is a security officer of the Bloodhound Family at Penacony. Described as a Slovenly and Indolent mixologist, he is always courteous towards guests. Despite that, he is always courteous towards guests and always keeps his vigilance about him. In the 2.0 Trailblaze missions, Gallagher came to the rescue of Firefly, when two other security officers were harassing him.

Gallagher Voice Actor

Gallagher’s English voice actor is Eric Braa, who is known for voicing Draven, Jax, and VelKoz in League of Legends.

Gallagher’s Japanese voice actor is Mikami Satoshi, who is known for voicing Tezcatlipoca in Fate Grand Order (anime), Klaus Midgar in Eminence in Shadow (anime), and Fanzell Kruger in Black Clover (anime).

Gallagher Release Date and Banners

Firefly Banner Honkai Star Rail
Image Courtesy: Honkai Star Rail YouTube

Gallagher was released with Honkai Star Rail 2.1 on March 21, 2024. He will next feature in the upcoming phase 1 of the version 2.3 banner, alongside Firefly, Ruan Mei, Xueyi, and Misha. Gallagher’s next banner has been released on June 18, 2024.

HSR Gallagher Kit and Best Cycle Rotation (At Max Level)

  • Corkage Fee (Basic Attack): Deals single target Fire Damage equal to 130% of Gallagher’s Attack.
  • Nectar Blitz (Enhanced Basic Attack): Deals single target Fire Damage equal to 325% of Gallagher’s Attack and reduces the target’s Attack by 18% for 2 turns.
  • Special Brew (Skill): Heals one ally, for 2020 HP.
  • Champagne Etiquette (Ultimate): Deals AoE Fire damage equal to 187.5% of Gallagher’s Attack, and inflicts Besotted on all the targets for 2 turns. Additionally, it also enhances the next Basic Attack to Nectar Blitz.
  • Tipsy Tussle (Talent): Enemies with the Besotted state take 15% increased Break Effect damage. Additionally, allies attacking a Besotted enemy will heal 657 HP.
  • Artisan Elixir (Technique): Deals AoE Fire damage equal to 50% of his Attack and inflicts Besotted on all targets for 2 turns after entering battle. This ability immediately attacks enemies when used.

Gallagher’s HSR kit is a mixed bag because on paper it doesn’t feature strong healing abilities. His Skill heals a single ally with a fixed 2020 HP, which is good for the early game, but mediocre for the late game. However, his Ascension 2 ability does increase his outgoing healing up to a maximum of 75%, based on his Break Effect.

Gallagher saving firefly
Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot Captured by Sanmay Chakrabarti

Gallagher’s playstyle is linked around his Ultimate, which marks enemies and lets him hit them with his enhanced Basic Attack. The marked enemies also take more Break Effect damage, and allies hitting marked enemies are also healed. Other than that, his enhanced Basic Attack reduces the enemy’s Attack. Furthermore, his enhanced Basic Attack heals HP for himself, and all the allies with the Ascension 6 ability, when hitting a Besotted-inflicted enemy.

A big thing missing from his healing kit is cleansing and reactive healing, which are very important for healers in Honkai Star Rail. The ideal way to play Gallagher will be to use his Basic Attacks until one of the allies requires healing, using his Ultimate as quickly as possible to constantly keep the enemies marked.

Gallagher has a very unique kit and to get the best out of him, you need the correct Relics, Planar Ornaments, and main and sub-stats. Here are the best Relics, Planar Ornaments, and Stats for Gallagher’s best build.

Best Relics for Gallagher in HSR

Thief of shooting meteor relic set
Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot Captured by Sanmay Chakrabarti
  • 4-piece Thief of Shooting Meteor
  • 4-piece Musketeer of Wild Wheat

The 4-piece Thief of Shooting Meteor is the best relic set for Gallagher, as it provides a 32% Break Effect boost to the wearer. Gallagher’s healing scales with Break Effect, so it’s good to invest in his Break Effect stat.

Other than that, the 4-piece Musketeer of Wild Wheat can also be a good choice as it increases the Attack of the wearer.

Best Planar Ornaments for Gallagher in HSR

Broken Keel Planar Ornament Set
Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot Captured by Sanmay Chakrabarti
  • 2-piece Broken Keel
  • 2-piece Space Sealing Station
  • 2-piece Penacony, Land of Dreams

The 2-piece Broken Keel Planar Ornament set is perfect for Gallagher, as it increases Crit Damage for all allies when the wearer’s Effect Resistance is 30% or higher, which is easily attainable for Gallagher.

The 2-piece Space Sealing Station is also a good option for increased Attack, and the 2-piece Penacony, Land of Dreams set is good for Energy Regeneration.

Main and Sub Stats for Gallagher

RelicsMain / Sub-Stat
HeadHP / Attack % > Speed > Break Effect % > Effect Resistance %
HandsAttack / Attack % > Speed > Break Effect % > Effect Resistance %
BodyOutgoing Healing Boost / Attack % > Speed > Break Effect % > Effect Resistance %
FeetAttack % = Speed / Attack % > Speed > Break Effect % > Effect Resistance %
Planar SphereFire Damage Boost / Attack % > Speed > Break Effect % > Effect Resistance %
Link RopeERR% / Attack % > Speed > Break Effect % > Effect Resistance %
Gallagher Main and Sub Stats for his Relics and Planar Ornaments

When it comes to Gallagher’s main and sub-stats, prioritize Attack %, Speed and Break Effect. Use an Outgoing Healing Boost stat for the Body, Speed boots if you haven’t met the 134 Speed Breakpoint, and ERR% rope for faster Ultimate recharge.

Gallagher’s kit is very dependent on his Ultimate, so being able to use his Ultimate frequently is the way to go for Gallagher’s best build. A fast Gallagher will allow him to recharge his ultimate faster, so make sure to invest in his Speed. Other than that, add Effect Resistance % to meet the basic threshold of the Broken Keel set.

Best Light Cones for Gallagher Best Build in HSR

Post OP Conversation Light Cone
Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot Captured by Sanmay Chakrabarti
  • What is Real? (Best Option for Gallagher)
  • Post-Op Conversation (Best Alternative)
  • Echoes of the Coffin (Best 5-star Light Cone for Gallagher)

Gallagher has only a few good Light Cone options, as he is not a traditional healer. The new Forgotten Hall 4-star Light Cone “What is Real?” is Gallagher’s best option, as it increases his Break Effect and restores the wearer’s HP when they use Basic Attacks.

The Post-Op conversation is also a good pick for Gallagher as it gives increased ERR % and also increases Outgoing Healing after using an Ultimate. Among the 5-star Abundance Light Cones, Echoes of the Coffin is the best pick for Gallagher. However, it is a waste to use that Light Cone on Gallagher over Luocha.

HSR Gallagher Eidolons

Gallagher Honkai Star Rail
Image Courtesy: Hoyoverse/Honkai Star Rail
  • Salty Dog (E1): Gallagher regenerates 20 energy and increases Effect Resistance by 50% when entering battle.
  • Lion’s Tail (E2): Removes one 1 debuff from the target ally when using his Skill. Additionally, increases their Effect Resistance by 30%, for 2 turns.
  • Corpse Reviver (E3): Skill Level + 2 up to Level 15 max, Basic Attack Level + 1 up to Level 10 max.
  • Last Word (E4): The duration of the Besotted state is increased by 1 turn.
  • Death in the Afternoon (E5): Ultimate Level + 2 up to Level 15 max, Talent Level + 2 up to Level 15 max.
  • Blood and Sand (E6): Gallagher’s both Break Effect and Weakness Break Efficiency is increased by 20%.

Gallagher’s Eidolons are almost necessary for his viability as a Sustain. His E2 allows him to cleanse allies with his Skill. Other than that, his E4 extends the Besotted state for 1 turn, making sustaining a lot easier with Gallagher.

Gallagher Traces and Ascension Abilities in HSR

Bonus Abilities:

  • Novel Concoction (Ascension 2): Increases Gallagher’s Outgoing healing by 50% of his Break Effect, up to a maximum of 75% Outgoing Healing increase.
  • Organic Yeast (Ascension 4): 100% Advance forwards Gallagher after using his Ultimate.
  • Bottoms Up (Ascension 6): After hitting Besotted enemies with Gallagher’s Enhanced Basic Attack, the HP restore passive of his Talent for this attack will apply to other allies as well.

Stat Boosts:

  • HP Boost: 10%
  • Break Effect Boost: 37.3%
  • Effect Resistance Boost: 18%

Gallagher’s Trace Ascension abilities are a must-have if you want to play him effectively. His A2 ability increases his Healing bonus based on his Break Effect. His A4 action forwards his turn by 100% after using his Ultimate, which can be quite effective as his A6 allows his enhanced attacks to give team wide heals.

Best Team Comps for Gallagher in Honkai Star Rail

Gallagher best team composition
Image Courtesy: Hoyoverse (Edited by Sanmay Chakrabarti)
OrderMain DPSSupport / SustainSupportSustain
BestClaraGallagherRuan MeiFu Xuan
AlternativeFireflyHarmony TrailblazerRuan MeiGallagher
F2PMishaPelaHarmony TrailblazerGallagher
Best Teams for Gallagher

Forming the best team compositions for Gallagher was quite challenging. Personally, I consider Gallagher more as a sub-DPS with healing abilities than the other way around. He can solo-sustain teams but not that effectively.

Now, considering him as a Sub-DPS, we can pair him with Clara, as Clara’s counterattacks against Besotted enemies will constantly heal her. Also, as Gallagher can debuff enemies with his Ultimate and Enhanced Basic Attacks, he is a good pick for Dr Ratio teams. Other than that, Gallagher is perfect for Break Effect teams alongside Boothill and Firefly.

Fu Xuan, Luocha, Aventurine, and Geopard can be good sustains for teams with Gallagher. Also, adding Ruan Mei to the team can get the best out of Gallagher’s offensive and healing kit, as he scales on Break Effect and Attack.

Should You Pull for Gallagher in Honkai Star Rail?

Overall, Gallagher’s kit is quite impressive for a 4-star Healer. However, you need his E2 to make any use of him late game, as his E2 makes his Skill Cleanse debuffs. He is particularly good in multi-target attack-minded teams. Also, players without a good healer in their team can use Gallagher and other 4-star sustains like Lynx or Natasha, to easily sustain a team in the hardest challenges of the game.

Gallagher has a lot of potential in the hands of a good player as a Sub-DPS character with a decent healing kit, to maximize damage output while sustaining the team. Share your opinions on Gallagher in the comment section below.

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