Hades 2 Has Finally Launched in Early Access!

Hades 2 Melinoe in early access
Image Courtesy: Supergiant Games/Hades 2
In Short
  • Hades 2 is currently out in early access after developer Supergiant Games surprise dropped the game out of nowhere.
  • Players with a PC can join in on the adventures of Melinoe, the daughter of Hades and queen of the underworld.
  • The game will receive its first major update later this year and stay in early access until 2024.

Hades 2, the sequel to the popular rogue-lite action-adventure dungeon crawler game, has been awaited by gamers for a long time now. The game previously held a limited technical test, where selected players got some time with the game. While one might think that Supergiant Games would reveal the early-access launch of the game later on, the company has switched gears. That’s right, Hades 2 early access is now live!

There wasn’t even a peep about the sequel launching this early. You’d expect at least some leaks for a game this high-profile and awaited among gamers. However, there were none, and Supergiant Games has taken everyone by storm. Hades 2 is only out in early access on Steam for $29.99. Since it is early access, console launches will happen soon after the game launches in 1.0.

Supergiant Games has shared its thoughts about the game in a Steam News post. The developers designed the game with early access in mind and started assessing its full potential. Furthermore, they also say that Hades 2 will improve throughout its time.

Hades 2 will receive its first major update for early access later this year. The developers expect the early access to last at least through the end of 2024 to build out the rest of the game. As such, there is no definite answer to the actual 1.0 launch for Hades 2, and they should have some optics once they take a look at the game’s state in early access.

Honestly, I am excited. After playing the technical test earlier last month, I’ve seen the potential for the game. It felt like the first game but improved upon nearly every established system. And I cannot wait to sink my teeth further through the early access.

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